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Can You Get Your Customers Falling In Love At First Sight Of Your Company?

We’ve all spent a fair amount of our lives dreaming that we would fall in love at first sight. What could be better than feeling that instant connection? People who have experienced it claim that it feels like meeting your missing half. Others insist that the lover in question was practically glowing. Either way, the consensus seems to be that you know when you know.

That’s a lesson which is worth bearing in mind when you do business. What could be better for connecting with customers, after all, than having them fall in love with your products at first sight?  It may not be the romantic union you dreamt of when you were young. But, fostering love in this way can ensure that you and your customers remain happy for a long time to come. That’s got to be a goal worth aiming towards, hasn’t it?

Making this work is possible, even if you’ve never experienced love at first sight yourself. All you need to do is consider the formula of the countless romantic movies out there. Then, you can apply it to business to start seeing some real success. To help you get started, we’re going to look at how to lay the foundation for a relationship even the coldest hearts couldn’t resist.

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Create that initial attraction

No matter how much romantics protest otherwise, love at first sight has some basis in appearance. This is often behind that ‘glowing’ illusion so many lovers report. At the start of any relationship, looks are all you have to go by. A winning personality may seal the deal, but that doesn’t come into things until later. And, the same rules apply to your company. No one’s going to fall in love with you at first sight if your branding and product don’t look the part. A decent business aesthetic won’t help if your products are terrible, of course. But, the right image will catch customer attention and see them wanting to know more. That’s why it’s essential you take time over both your product design and your branding. Research what’s out there and take note of which design choices seem to boost sales the most. Play around with color in your logo until you settle on the most eye-catching designs you can manage. Whatever you do; don’t stop until you have such a good-looking product that no one will be able to walk by without a second look.

Make them feel like your product is in the world just for them

After that initial spark comes the real connection. In romantic terms, this is the part where the lovers get to know each other. In love at first sight, it’s the part when they start to feel as though they are each other’s missing halves. They may even begin to believe that they’ve been put on this earth to meet and spend their lives together. Which, coincidentally, is how you want your customers to feel about your product. You’ve already attracted their interest. Now, you need to make them feel like that one product was made with them in mind. We’ve all experienced this feeling with songs and books, haven’t we? Nothing beats feeling like something was made for you. This belief alone can secure something’s place in your life. And, it could secure your product in your customer’s homes. One of the best ways to achieve this is to know your target market. Then, you can design every aspect of your business towards their needs. Focus on designing websites which start with your ideal customer in mind, and work back from there. Spend time considering what your target audience needs. Then, focus on how your product could provide it. These are merely business methods, but they could be all it takes to create that unbreakable bond.

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Make them wonder how they survived without your products

When people meet their true loves, most claim that they can’t imagine surviving without that person. Over time, they come to wonder how they ever managed to do so. And, you guessed it; you want your customers to feel the same. You need to provide a service which is so fundamental to their lives that they can’t imagine doing without it. In part, taking care of the above pointer will help you here. If you design your product to their exact needs, you can bet it’ll fill a hole they can’t imagine leaving empty again. You may also find it worth getting them to use your products as much as possible. You could do this by creating a phone app which notifies them when they haven’t used your services for a while. You could even do this by posting often on social media to remind them that you’re there. These little nudges will turn them back towards your products at least once a day. And, if you’re using something that often, it’ll soon be hard to imagine it not being in your life.

Promise them a future

As fantastic as love at first sight is, many relationships like this fizzle out. Often, this happens because one partner in a pair fails to commit to the future. Few people are willing to commit to a partner who can’t promise they’ll stick around. And, few customers will fall in love with your company if you don’t provide any prospects. If you don’t look set to release additions or improved products, your customer’s feelings will soon disappear. Make sure it doesn’t happen by promising them a long and happy future. Make sure that you’re always planning for new and exciting product improvements. And, let customers know about them. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you need to tell them exactly what you’re planning all the time. Instead, you can hint at new release dates, or post teaser pictures about advancements yet to come. These show that you’re in it for the long haul. They ensure that your customers stick around long enough to see where your company goes next.