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Experience Deep Sea Fishing in Key West

Key west is one of the best fishing spots in the world. Its natural harbours provide room for docking boats. The pure and healthy reefs are protected from storms and waves by ridges, allowing robust fish species to flourish. The good weather, lots of sunshine and clear waters allow you to enjoy the Key West deep sea fishing experience.

Ways of deep-sea fishing in Key west

The style of fishing is dependent on your preference and the feeling you want to achieve.

Party boat fishing

Party boats provide the ultimate experience but at a subsidised cost. They are large and perfect for large groups of people, say thirty or more. If you want a taste of Keywest deep sea fishing but at a lower cost, the boat would be ideal. Their size limits them to offshore fishing and flexibility is limited.

A group of fishermen is booked for a single trip, to assist in catching fish. Equipment is provided as well as a fishing licence.

Charter fishing

Charter fishing is the best way to explore the ocean. You are provided with both the boat and the necessary equipment to catch fish like poles, lines or spears. There is a captain present to help beginners learn how to fish and improve the act of other anglers. The fishing charters are private and take you to fish-filled spots that are only familiar to the locals. If you are travelling with close friends or family, renting one of them would be great.

The Key West deep sea fishing boats have captains and crews, licences, equipment, baits, seating areas, restrooms and beverages. Comfort is key and the experience is magical.

Key West fish species

Key West has some unique fish that cannot be found anywhere in the US. There are many types of fish in the ocean but we’ll list just a few.

• Tarpon

• Tuna

• Dolphin

• Sailfish and marlin

• Sharks

Offshore fishing techniques used in Key West

The style used depends on the time of the year and the species needed.

Trolling is one of the methods and is applied by using artificial baits, natural dead baits or both. The baits are put out and as the boat moves, they are dragged along in water. When a fish strikes, the line or rod is pulled and it’s caught. If not, the process is repeated. when you want to cover a large area, this method is the best.

The other way is offshore fishing but with live bait. They include, Blue Runners, Pilchards, Ballyhoo or Pilchards. Fish might strike close to the boat but it’s a fun method of fishing.

Deep sea boat fishing spots

The wall

This spot is 20 miles south of key west. The deep waters allow nutrients to mix and is home to the Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi mahi and Swordfish.

Marquesas keys

The spot is popular with the Permit fish. The snapper and Grouper can be found in the surrounding reefs.

Dry Tortugas

The spot is also known as an all-in-one-fishery. Different fish are found here. Fishing in this location needs time and patience, to catch as many species as possible.


Key West sea fishing draws many people yearly to experience the ocean and participate in fishing. It’s family friendly and a great recreational activity.