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The Business of Boating

If you own a boat, or you would like to own one sometimes soon, you will find that it is an expensive endeavor what with the initial cost of the boat or yacht, the insurance, maintenance, fuel and tax that are all required to keep it running. It might, then, be a good idea to put that boat to more use and start running your own business with it, so that you can not only cover your basic costs but actually make money.

Sound good? Here’s how you can turn your yacht or boat into a business and make some serious money:

Run Charters and Day Trips

Turning your boat into a leisure business is a great way to turn your hobby into a business and make lots of money, especially if you are based in an area with a beautiful body of water and lots of attractions, such as secluded islands and interesting marine wildlife, that people will want to pay to see.

Find a Niche

If you want to actually make lots of money with your boating business, then as well as using automation systems like the ones at marine electrical, to cut down on labor, it’s a good idea to find your own niche. So, for example, instead of just being a charter company be a charter company for whale watching, fishing or eco-friendly sightseeing – make it your own, and you will make more money.

Offer Custom Cruises

Another great way of making money with your yacht is by offering custom cruises which are tailor-made from start to finish for individuals. The beauty of this is that your clients can choose exactly where they want to go and when, so they can avoid the crowds, see things that they wouldn’t usually get to see and ensure that they enjoy every single second of their time onboard.

Transport Photographers

Slightly more unusually, you could offer to take out professional photographers on your boat, so that they can take pictures of the most beautiful locations within the remit of your boat’s dock. You could even hire a professional photography teacher to come on board and give budding photographers a masterclass in nature photography.

Offer Your Services to Diving Companies

Want to earn some extra money? Team up with diving businesses and offer your yacht up as their mode of transport. It will ensure that you have a steady stream of clients and both you and the diving business will benefit from the cross promotion.

Host Weddings

If your boat or yacht is pretty impressive, then start talking to wedding planners and offer it up as a location for sea-based weddings. There are more and more couples looking for unique ways to say “I do.” than ever before, so this could be a pretty lucrative option to turn your boat into a business, and because you can charge a premium for weddings, you wouldn’t have to work your boat too hard, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy it for yourself.

Do you run your business from a boat or yacht? What do you do?