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Here’s what I do when I’m bored

Do you ever feel bored, and know there are plenty of things you could be doing (like cleaning the house, catching up on work, or finally sorting out your taxes) but have no desire to do any of it? I know exactly how you feel.

I don’t get bored often, but when I do, I have a running list of activities I can turn to that will keep me entertained and engaged.

One of my biggest problems is the amount of time I spend online. Since I already work online, it can be easy to just spend all day staring at my laptop. But when I’m not working, I sometimes just want to chill online and play some games. One of my favourite things to do is to play online roulette. I like this game because it doesn’t require much skill, which allows me to zone out or play once I’ve already used all my brain power for the day. It also gives me the chance to win some money, and who doesn’t want to do that?

Bored woman at office

Another thing I like to do is download some books on my kindle. I’ve had my kindle for a long time now, and I’m probably due for a new one as it has gotten a little slow but it’s still chugging away. I like to see what Amazon recommends for me to read, or I’ll do a quick survey to see what my friends are reading right now. Sometimes I’ll read books that are helpful for my career or life goals, and other times I’ll pick up a fiction book that will allow me to really zone out.

Sometimes when I think I’m bored, I’m actually just feeling mentally drained from a long day. While it can be tempting to just lie on the couch, I actually find that if I make myself get up and do things I feel much better afterwards. Sometimes this involves cleaning up the mess around me (when I get busy my house turns into a bomb site). This actually helps me relax and makes me think much more creatively since my mind isn’t continually drifting into the kitchen where there’s a pile of dishes.

When I really don’t want to have to think at all, my backup is TV. The two shows I enjoy the most are Scandal and Greys Anatomy. Since I’m all caught up on both shows, I have to wait for them to be released each week. This means that I can’t sit down and waste a day or two binging (unless I choose another show) and I can save my two shows for when I’m super bored and need something to entertain me.

Another thing I like to do when I’m bored is to go for a walk. I’m living in such a beautiful city that it really makes sense to get out and explore it.

What do you do when you’re bored? Let me know in the comments below.