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What Are Some Tips for Better Management?

As a manager, you want to bring out the best in your staff, but how is that actually accomplished? The thought of a more productive and motivated workforce sounds great, but every manager struggles to make this happen at one point or another. As leading finance recruiters in San Francisco, we work closely with employers of all shapes and sizes and we’ve seen it all. Listed below are the top 3 Beacon Resourcestips for better management. When you incorporate these strategies into your management style, you will see the improvements.

1. Be a Motivator

As human beings, your employees are mostly motivated to accomplish tasks because they want to. While negative consequences can be a source of motivation, employees tend to be more productive when there are incentives and rewards. Your workers will do the best work for recognition and good pay. Even just giving consistent positive feedback when you recognize a job well done goes a long way.


2. Set the Tone

More than just a manager, you are a leader. The tone you set at the top influences the productivity and loyalty of your employees. Set an example by exhibiting ethical, respectable, and honorable behaviors. No one will follow you or listen to you if they don’t respect you. Go above and beyond in your work and demeanor and your employees will follow.

3. Take Necessary Breaks

If this third point sounds counterintuitive, then you probably need it. Your management can take a toll if you are overworked and overstressed. If you find yourself too stressed and getting intolerant with your employees, take a breather. There’s no shame in giving yourself a chance to regroup. Have a fun night out with friends or go for a calming walk to refresh your mind.

Improving your management is one of the best ways to make your employees love their accounting jobs in Orange County. Try these 3 tips this week and see how your workplace starts to slowly shift.