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How to Avoid Blowing your Budget while Traveling in the UK

Many people mistakingly believe that travel in the UK is expensive. However there are plenty of ways to avoid blowing your budget, and see the UK on the cheap, without resorting to eating baked beans out of a can.

Here are some ways to travel cheaply in the UK:


Go in the off-season

Try to avoid traveling during the Christmas period, school vacation, and peak times such as the middle of summer. Summer is actually one of the worst times to visit Europe and the UK, as the lines will be extremely long, flights will be expensive and most of the hotels will be booked. Try to visit in spring or fall, to take advantage of good weather, and shorter lines.

Avoid paying entrance fees

Most people are unaware that many museums have particular days when entry is cheaper, or fee. Do some research before you arrive, and think about purchasing city passes, which can be excellent value for money and allow you to save money while you visit those tourist hot spots.

Rent a car

Renting a car can give you much more flexibility in your travel plans, and also save you a ton of cash. If you find that there’s a festival in the town you were going to stay and all of the hotel rates have jumped 50%, you’ll be able to quickly move on to somewhere else. Drivenow offers a range of car rentals in Belfast, and you’ll also find plenty of options online.

Skip lunch

Eating out can quickly break the bank. If your guesthouse or hotel offers free breakfast, take advantage of this and full up in the morning. For lunch you can either skip it to make room for a big dinner, or grab something small from a bakery or market.


Walk as much as you can

Transportation costs may seem small at the time, but they all add up. While many people like to try to stay outside of the central city to save on accommodation, this often means you’ll lose a large part of your day as you travel in and out of the city, and also increases your transportation costs. Stay local, and spend your days walking, which will give you plenty of opportunities for photos, and a chance to see things you would otherwise miss if you were stuck on a train or bus.

Be Flexible

The more flexible you are when it comes to when you travel, the more money you will save. Flights are often cheaper if you depart midweek, and booking on a Tuesday also seems to yield cheaper results for some reason. Hotel prices also rise for weekends.

Take free tours

It’s a rare major city which doesn’t offer a free walking tour. Locals volunteer to show tourists their city, and this will give you a great opportunity to learn more about the place, get to know the locals, and learn tips and tricks that the guidebook simply won’t have.