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Counting down the days …

You might think that being organised is dedicated to those with clipboards, sticky notes, and tick-lists, but if you stick to that viewpoint you could be missing out on a few important areas! When it comes to travel, being organised is the only way to make sure you get to where you need to be, when you need to be there, and you get the best deals along the way too. I am organised to the exact measurement, and I am yet to forget anything, yet to miss a flight, and I am yet to have a major travel problem.


See? This is a major tick in the organisation plus box!

When it comes to finding the best deals, booking early has always yielded the best results for me. There are many who are in the last minute booking camp, but I have never found this really worked out for me, as I always ended up paying more, the price shot up with a single supplement, or I couldn’t get the rest of my travel logistics to fit in properly. Put simply, booking early is my advised way forward.

This has many advantages, not least giving you something to look forward to, and longer to save up.

Finding ways to cut costs will also mean money saved, and you can dedicate this to what you do whilst you’re away. A good way to save money is to look at how you get to the airport itself, and if you’re traveling as a family, or there is more than one of you in particular, I would always say book airport parkingand drive yourself. The stress-free approach to travel day when you use this method is just second to none, and the money saved is a major plus. I regularly book parking at Stansted Airport, and I always get a good deal. The good news is that is this nationwide, so check out what is available from your departure airport.


You will see package deal dates often available around a year before departure, and you can put down a deposit in most cases, and pay it up around 12-16 weeks before you leave; this obviously differs from company to company, but it is a good way to spread the cost and make your holiday more affordable. If you’re planning on travelling further afield, maybe America, or somewhere just as long-haul, then booking well in advance and spreading the cost is the best way to make your holiday more affordable as a result.

I am not a last minute kind of girl, I enjoy the planning stages, so for me, booking early is the way forward to holiday fun.