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Save money: Combine several US city breaks in to one multi centre trip

America is an amazingly diverse country – and truth be told, it would probably take months and months to get to visit at least a bit of every fabulous place they have in this country. For those of you living outside of the US, travelling here may seem like a costly affair, especially if you want to get to see more than one place.

Of course, it may not be actually cheap – but there are still ways in which you can save money and get to see the places you have always wanted to see. One way is by combining 2-3 city breaks in one trip – so that you can save money on the international flights and pay only one return ticket to visit multiple spots across the US. I like to call this USA multi-centre holidays – a great way to get as much ‘bang for your bang’ as possible.

To give you an idea, we have created some “tour options” to inspire you – so make sure to read on if you want to find out more.


The East-West Tour

A double-trip to New York and Los Angeles will provide you with everything you need from your travelling to America. Stop in New York first and infuse yourself with the amazing NY culture scene, visit some of its most beautiful landmarks, do some great shopping (great, great shopping) and then book a flight for Las Vegas for a “tour de force” of the best American-style nights of party.

The Natural-Childish-Glam Tour

If the Grand Canyon, Disneyland and Hollywood yell “America” to you, there’s absolutely no reason not to experience them all in the same trip. All of these American landmarks are iconic for this country – and they will all give you the “WOW” factor, each in a different way. The Grand Canyon is one of the most marvellous landscapes you have ever seen, Disneyland (Anaheim, CA) is the perfect blend between “man-built” and “fantasy” and Hollywood is the epicentre of the world’s most glamorous celebrities. Perfect tour for those of you with diverse taste in travelling!


The Historical-Cultural Tour

If the history and culture of the US are those that attract you most about this country, you could stop on the Eastern part of America. Start with Boston, the absolute core of the American education, history and culture, move on to New York, the modernized version of the American culture and then stop in Washington DC, one of the most important historical and political spots in all of the United States of America.

The All-Natural Tour

Without any kind of doubt, America’s geography has been more than generous with this country. There are so many breath-taking places to visit here that the hardest thing to do will be to decide which are of the most interest to you. We suggest a Yellowstone-Grand Canyon-Yosemite tour – and if you choose to take our suggestion you will most likely not regret it. All three National Parks are splendid from all points of view and they will surely leave you with some memories that are simply impossible to forget!