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Tips for saving money to travel

Often a trip overseas can feel completely out of reach. With bills to pay, and those last minute expenses which often “come up” unexpectedly, it can often be years before we’ve saved enough to actually take a vacation. But by simply making a few substitutions and watching your budget, you can quickly cut costs and find yourself traveling sooner than you would think.

Here are some tips for saving money to travel:

Get a reward or Cashback credit card

Usually you’ll be encouraged to cut up your credit cards if you’re saving for travel. However many credit cards offer interest free periods if you transfer a balance from another credit card, and sometimes have points or cashback offers. The points can be a great way to be saving for your airfare while doing your usual shopping.

Use a Comparison site

Before you make a large purchase, or if you’re considering switching electricity, internet, or gas providers, be sure to use a comparison site to see which company can offer you the best deal.

Websites such as Living Social and Groupon are also a good way to save up to 70% on services like facials and haircuts if you do need to treat yourself, and don’t forget that these companies are also often in many other countries around the world, so you can save money by buying vouchers before you arrive as well.


Make a Budget

In order to save a chunk of money for travel, it’s important to have goals, and know exactly where you need to cut costs in order to reach those goals. Write down everything you spend for a week, and take a good hard look at what you’re spending money on. Do you need that latte every morning? And are you actually using that gym membership or could you go for a walk or run after work?

Entertain at Home

Going out can be expensive. Instead of going to the movies, invite some friends around for DVD’s and popcorn. Switch dinners out for potlucks with the neighbors, and instead of buying books, why not renew your library card and see what the local library has available?

For those who like to go out drinking, or dress up to go to the casino, consider staying in on the weekend, grabbing some snacks, and inviting some friends around to play online slots games at home.

A night at a casino can cost several hundred dollars, and may even move into the thousands if you’ve been drinking-quickly eating up your travel savings.

You’ll save plenty of money on expensive drinks, and may even win some money off your friends.

Sell up

Old electronics can be worth a surprising amount, yet many people simply give them away or throw them out. There are websites which will buy old iPhones and laptops off you, or you can use a site like EBay to sell electronics, furniture, jewelry, and old clothes. You’ll be surprised how fast the money adds up and it will also be nice to get rid of some of the clutter at home.