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These are the top distractions for UK drivers

We’ve all been distracted occasionally while driving. And we all know just how dangerous it can be. But I recently read a super interesting infographic by Lease Car, and it was incredibly eye-opening to see just how we’re getting distracted, and how many of us have some truly terrible driving habits.

If you’ve ever turned the music down when you were struggling in traffic or looking for a particular address, you’re probably aware that it can be distracting. But did you know that it can be the biggest distraction to drivers?

UK drivers were asked which genre of music they think is the least distracting. 24% said pop music, 20% said classical music, and 16% said nothing at all.

The most distracting music genres are rock, heavy metal, and electronic. That’s not all that surprising really.

32% of people say they eat while driving. That’s actually a lot lower than I would have imagined. 30% say they’re most likely to eat lunch or a snack on the go, while most people choose not to eat dinner in the car. Apparently driving brings out the sweet tooth in a lot of people, since 27% say they like to eat sweets or a chocolate bar. 13% eat fast food or a burger, while 11% eat a sandwich. Unfortunately, not many people are snacking on healthy options, with just 5.7% of people choosing to eat fruit, 1.4% eating nuts, and 1% eating popcorn.

10% of women have applied their makeup while at the traffic lights. 45% said they’re likely to apply lipstick or lipgloss, and are thankfully avoiding applying blusher and eyeliner while in the car. Interestingly, 12% of men say they’ve shaved while waiting in the car. That’s something I wasn’t expecting.

We all know how distracting pets and kids can be when we’re driving. Unlike music, we can’t simply reach out and turn them down. Nearly 6 out of 10 people are driving with kids in the car, and 30% of them use the rearview mirror to talk to them. Thankfully, only 3% are turning around to talk to their kids.

If your kids are the type to fall asleep in the car, you’re probably pretty lucky. 31 of parents say that driving is their quiet time.

Interestingly, 25% of people are driving with a pet in the car. Usually, these pets sit in the backseat or the boot.

What do you think of these stats? Were they what you expected? Leave a comment below and let me know.