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What to do on a fun day out in Liverpool

If you haven’t heard much about Liverpool, don’t be surprised. The city tends to be overlooked in favour of places like Edinburgh or London, but the truth is, there are some amazing attractions here and it’s well worth taking a day to see some of them.

Here are some things you can do on a fun day out in Liverpool:

Talk to the locals

People from Liverpool are some of the nicest you’ll meet anywhere. Along with being incredibly friendly and down to early, you’re also likely to find them hilarious, and some of the most popular comedians from the UK are from Liverpool. Sure, you may not always understand the accent, but you’re likely to love it anyway.

Head to the beach

Many people are surprised to learn that Liverpool has some of the best beaches in the UK, and if you’re someone who loves to see a good sunset, these beaches are for you. Check out Formby Beach, which is a little outside of Liverpool and has pinewoods and sand dunes- making it excellent for a bit of exercise and a day spent enjoying the outdoors. Grosby Beach is another great choice, and you’ll find ‘Another Place’, which is an art installation by Antony Gromley, featuring 100 statues, made of cast iron, staring at the sea.


Eat the food

If you think the food is bad in the UK, you obviously haven’t been to Liverpool. The city is famous for Scouse, which is made of mutton, lamb, or beef, along with gravy, onion, carrot and potatoes. There are also many other great restaurants in Liverpool, and of course you simply have to try the fish and chips- The Lobster Pot is known to be an excellent place to grab them, and if you want to be truly British, eat them with vinegar and salt.

Go out dancing

The nightlife in Liverpool is well known to be incredible, with the kind of places you party in when you’re a teenager, along with some more sophisticated choices. Check out Camp & Furnace, Santa Chupitos (excellent for cocktails), El Bandito (great if you like tequila), Berry & Rye (an awesome speakeasy), or the Kaimier Garden (this is a great beer garden and frequently has live music playing).

Shop ’til you drop

If you’re looking for some serious shopping, Liverpool is a great choice. Along with all the usual shops, cinemas, and bars, you’ll also notice a bunch of pianos scattered around the place where people can come to play. Sometimes you may hear a kid pounding away, while other times you could be treated to a professional piano player.

For those who like more independent shops, head to Bold Street, which has a rather famous store called Utility, which has plenty of cool things to buy.

Take a wander

Liverpool is a surprisingly beautiful city, with two stunning cathedrals, one Roman Catholic and one Anglican. Be sure to spend some time wandering around and enjoying the city, and take your camera with you, or grab a picnic and relax in one of the many parks.