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The Things I would Miss if I Moved Somewhere Remote

There are many things we take for granted when we live in a city or town. I’m a city girl, and while I love visiting the country and have dreams of owning a few horses and maybe a chicken or two, that dream would probably only happen if my imaginary farm was located next to a Starbucks.

Here are the top things I would miss if I moved somewhere remote:

Decent Wifi

When you work online, you really don’t have time to be dealing with shoddy wifi, and it can be super stressful when you have a deadline and all of a sudden can’t send an article in (or complete it) because the wifi is either non-existent, or too slow to get anything done.

Have you ever heard the saying “If you want to know someone, watch them try to use bad wifi?” Well I’m definitely not at my best in this case and I’ve been known to have an absolute potty mouth.

Work responsibilities aside, I’m so reliant on using 4g or wifi just to live my everyday life- when I’m trying to make my way from one place to another, I have a question that only Google can answer, or I’m trying to remember where that great restaurant is, and what time they’re open. Not to mention, I’m continually communicating with friends and family located around the world- I simply need decent wifi!



It’s hard to even imagine not having electricity and gas at the touch of a button, although I’m sure it would definitely be challenging. I’m not someone who has a great memory for the small things, so I’m sure that 9 times out of 10 I would forget to order the gas bottles and cylinders and we’d be sitting there in the dark and the cold.


This is a big thing for me. Even if I don’t live in the same city as my friends, if I live in a city that’s a main hub and close to an airport, I can still get to them relatively easily, and they can come see me as well. When you live remotely, it can be a challenge to just get to the airport, adding hours onto your travel time- and when you’re facing a flight that will be multiple hours long, it can be easy to pass up the trip altogether. I can’t imagine arriving home tired after a long trip and knowing I still need to drive out to my remote home- few things sound worse to be honest!

I value my relationship with my friends, and I can’t imagine not seeing them on the weekends- sure, I imagine I would make new friends, but I’m also sure I would go crazy while waiting to get to know people and would miss my friends and family like crazy.

While I like the idea of living somewhere remote in theory, as you can see there are a lot of reasons why I prefer a city or at least a small town!