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Want Long Eyelashes and Thick Brows? Here’s How to Grow Them!

Hair is indivisible to the way we see ourselves. Changing the style or length of your hair – whether it be the hair on your head or your eyebrows and eyelashes – can be a seemingly life-altering experience. With a new look, people feel able to start fresh and to adopt a new style, as hair can give us the confidence we seek to be ourselves.

Lately, it has become trendy to have thicker eyebrows and long eyelashes. Compared to the past trend of plucking your eyebrows into thin lines, many women now want thick, shapely brows to enhance their facial beauty. If you are looking for ways to grow your eyebrows and eyelashes, look no further. These tips will ensure that growing these facial features is quick, healthy, and pain-free.

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Treat Yourself to These Treatments

While it isn’t exactly possible to grow longer eyelashes or thicker eyebrows than your natural size and shape, you can find a variety of treatments to give you the look you desire. Many cosmetic companies have begun catering to the demand for eyebrow and eyelash serums that will speed up the time it takes to lengthen or thicken these tiny hairs.

Many serums for growing thicker eyebrows are entirely organic and are recognised by health regulation departments as being restorative. At any of your local beauty supply stores, you will be able to find growth products that have been clinically tested and are proven to work. With ingredients derived from botanical plants, many of these serums contain oils known to enhance hair growth, such as castor oil. By simply applying a serum on your eyelashes or eyebrows each day, you are guaranteed to see improvements in a short period of time.

Natural Remedies

If you are against using any beauty chemicals or serums, you can also consider natural techniques for hair growth. Eating nourishing foods will increase overall health and promote hair growth. Foods that are especially rich in protein and any of the B vitamins will help to strengthen your hair on all parts of your body and improve your skin.

Other natural remedies that are said to grow your eyelashes and eyebrows include aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, petroleum jelly, milk, and egg yolks. Slathering any of these on a cotton ball and massaging your eyebrows or eyelashes (but be careful not to irritate your eyes!) can help thicken your hair follicles and give you the thickness or length that you desire.

If you have experienced any hair loss or simply want to change up the look of your face by thickening your eyebrows or having longer lashes, these techniques are sure to give you the new look you are desiring.