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Subtle Interview Tips For The Shy Job Hunter

Introverted people face quite a few hurdles in their life. Their shyness can become quite burdensome in social scenarios, and they might feel like it holds them back in their career. If they can even get their foot on the career ladder in the first place, that is.

If there is one professional aspect that many shy job hunters have trouble with, it is succeeding at the interview stage of recruitment. Thankfully, there are a few tips that shy individuals can use to help them land their dream job. Here are just a few of them.

Don’t Apologize For Who You Are

Shy people tend to always apologize for being how they are. But there is really no need to do that! In fact, in an interview situation, it could be quite off-putting to recruiters. Instead, you should focus on accepting you for who you are. Just because you aren’t comfortable being in an interview doesn’t mean that you are going to fail at it. Focus on your strengths and try to appear as confident as possible rather than apologizing.


Seek Some Professional Guidance

On average, an interview will last for around twenty minutes. It is key that you try and get all your points across in those twenty minutes as they will go very fast! Do you find this really difficult? If so, you might benefit from taking some interview coaching sessions. During these sessions, an expert will go through your interviewing technique and will show you exactly how you can improve. They will also give you lots of tips that can help you boost your confidence as well.

Rehearse As Often As Possible

You will get the chance to rehearse an interview when you take your interview coaching sessions, but it is also necessary to continue your rehearsals at home. You should get a friend or relative to go through some potential interview questions with you. They can pretend to be the interviewer. This will give you the chance to come up with some replies and answers that might come in handy during the actual interview. It will also help you increase your confidence and improve your performance ready for the big day.

Remember To Focus On One Interviewer At A Time

Usually, shy individuals can often do quite good in one-on-one situations. Unfortunately, interviews these days are normally carried out by a panel of interviewers. But that should be no reason to worry! There is one easy way to get over this issue: just focus on one interviewer at a time when you are talking. The panel of interviewers will likely ask you a question each, so you just need to direct your answer to whoever it was who asked it. If you can, you will find it beneficial to forget about the over interviewers while you are giving your answer. That will certainly help calm your nerves.

There are plenty of ways shy job hunters can get past the interview stage. Hopefully, this blog post will help you do just that!