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5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe From Thieves

It’s always in the back of our minds when we’re not at home. Did I lock the back door? Did I leave the straighteners on? They are questions we ask ourselves at least once a week. Keeping your home safe is important, and you need to do whatever you can to protect it and the things in it. It’s not just about losing the things you’ve spent years building up, but most homes often contain things of huge sentimental value. If you’re worried about keeping your home safe while you’re not there, here’s five things you can do.

Social Media

You may want to tell the world and his friend that you’re going on the holiday of a lifetime, but that’s just like putting a sign in your window saying, ‘burglars welcome’. You can never be sure of who gets to see your social media posts, even when you thoroughly check through your privacy settings. The post may come up on a friend’s phone and that friend may have left their phone on their works desk for the whole office to see.

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New Windows

If you haven’t got locks on your windows, you may want to think about replacing them for your peace of mind. Get a quote for a renewal by Andersen windows. You’ll also want to check the seals that are on your windows. It’s possible for burglars to break or remove seals and then remove the glass from windows to get inside a house. You may think it’s quite a tricky job to do, but in the dead of night in a quiet town, it’s easy for burglars to get away with it.

Garden Tools

Don’t leave garden tools out in the garden. You’ll need to keep them somewhere that can be locked. If a thief walks past your garden and notices tools in it, it could seem like the perfect opportunity. Garden tools could help a thief to gain access to your house. All it takes is a ladder left near a window or a tool that could pick a lock and you could lose some very valuable items.

Don’t Advertise Your Pets

You may think that putting a ‘beware of the dog’ sign on your door might scare potential thieves away, but it’s often the exact opposite. Unfortunately, many thieves are aware that they’re able to make money by selling dogs or cats or using them as dog fighting bait. Advertising that you have a pet could mean an open invitation for burglars looking to make some cash from what they find. Protect your pets by obscuring the views through your windows while you’re out.

Your Keys

If you’ve got a hook labelled ‘car keys’ right next to your front door, you’re asking for trouble. Whether you’re home or not, it isn’t sensible to keep your keys on view. Some thieves will break into a home for the car keys alone and drive off, never to be seen again. Take your keys with you to bed and place them next to you on the bed stand.