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November 2022

4 Ways to Invest in Your Relationship

Being in a relationship can be really hard work, especially if you’ve just gone through the pandemic together, are navigating having young children, or just trying to balance having a career and everything else. If you’re not careful, it’s very easy to let your relationship fall to the back of the priorities list. The truth is, when we’re happy in our primary relationship, every other part of our lives looks

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Is this the end for the red traffic light?

It would be the dream of many drivers to be able to get from A to B without ever needing to worry about getting stuck at traffic lights. This fantasy could soon become a reality, thanks to an initiative by Ford and Jaguar Land Rover entitled the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory. Join vehicle hire specialist Northgate as they delve into what this project entails and whether it really means

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Maintaining Health and Fitness Over the Winter Periods

Maintaining our health and fitness over the winter period is infamously difficult – when the evenings are getting darker it can be hard to exercise or stay motivated. Not to mention the fact that so many winter recipes are so high calorie; autumn treats like pumpkin pie, spiced lattes, hot chocolates, and endless cups of tea all add up, and before you know it it’s time for christmas food and

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