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Maintaining Health and Fitness Over the Winter Periods

Maintaining our health and fitness over the winter period is infamously difficult – when the evenings are getting darker it can be hard to exercise or stay motivated. Not to mention the fact that so many winter recipes are so high calorie; autumn treats like pumpkin pie, spiced lattes, hot chocolates, and endless cups of tea all add up, and before you know it it’s time for christmas food and drinks. No wonder, by the end of winter we’re all a little bigger than we’d like to be!

But all is not lost – there are plenty of simple ways you can try and keep healthy and fit this winter, and we’ve put our favourite lifestyle hacks below for you to enjoy.

  1. Learn healthy, filling recipes

Eating healthy in the summer can be easy; there’s just something about the summer that makes a light, refreshing salad feel like enough and sumptuous foods and feeling full just don’t seem as appealing. So when it comes to those colder months, those healthy eating habits can go out of the window simply because the same foods aren’t appealing. So why not make sure you learn some hot, filling healthy recipes too? Try something based on chickpeas, or a hearty stew full of vegetables and protein, and focus on portion control to make sure you’re eating the right amount while feeling pleasantly full. You do not have to search the “Best Protein Bars for Your Fitness Goals” when you can make healthy and filling food instead.

  1. Commit to communal exercise each week

It’s very difficult to stay motivated when you have to go outside in the dark and cold, and it’s so much more appealing to stay curled up in the warm with a hot chocolate. For example if you play Tennis and join a weekly session at your local tennis club, then committing to fitness is a lot easier – if instead of just you and your running shoes there are people expecting you to come and give them a game, then it’s harder to bail and it can help you pick up that tennis racket and get out the door! Then, by the time the lighter evenings come around again, you’ll find that you’ve managed to keep up your fitness over the winter.

  1. Keep up your walking!

Though the falling temperatures can make it more tempting than ever to hop in the car to go to your local shop, walking these small distances instead adds up to a simple way to maintain your fitness. Walking is much better for us than many realise, and not all exercise has to be sweat inducing! For long distances, obviously vehicles are your friend – but for that quick trip to a friend who lives 10 blocks away? Crack out your coat and walking avatar shoes.

We hope these tips for keeping fit and healthy this winter are helpful to you – good luck, and enjoy those hearty recipes!