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How To Keep Your Personal Information Secure On Your Android

If you are reading this, you may be reading it on your phone. These days, most of us use our phones just as much as we use our computers; we check emails, read articles, and even shop on our phones. Unfortunately, this amount of convenience comes at the risk of having your phone hacked and your information stolen. Here is a bit more on keeping your information safe and what to do if you think your phone has been compromised:

Download an Antivirus App: Obtaining a good antivirus app is one of the first steps in keeping your cell protected. Getting an app is as easy as searching the phrase “antivirus for phone” in places like Google Play, which will allow you to download some of the best Android antivirus apps free of charge. Once you obtain the app, make sure that it is properly configured and update the app on a regular basis.


Enable Security Features: Make sure that your phone is password protected and that you create strong passwords that are easy for you to recall, but hard for others to guess. If you have the chance, you should also encrypt the information on your phone to ensure that your personal files remain secure.

Practice Good Phone Safety: Avoid unsecured networks, never allow apps that you do not trust access to your personal information, and never leave your cell phone unattended. If you suspect foul play, run your antivirus, and check your phone for suspicious apps.

Watch Your Apps and Accounts: If you think you have been hacked, keep an eye on your email, bank and credit card accounts, and any other apps tied to your phone. This is good practice in general, but should especially be done if you think that your information has been compromised.

Keeping your phone safe may seem like a hassle, but it is definitely worth the effort when compared to the risks of thieves obtaining your personal information.