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Customer Facing vs. Office Jobs: Sharing Is Caring

If you’ve around the social media world lately, you’ve probably come across the concept that sharing is caring. You know the principle. The social media platforms have trained people to become a generation of sharers. There’s a natural need to express your feelings publicly as a comment on your everyday life or a specific event. In the business world, sharing may be less of an emotional pool in which you can pour your feelings and opinions. In the business world, sharing is about connection data and knowledge to visualize the big picture. In other words, it’s about recognizing that every job matters in the pursuit of success and growth, and especially because the feedback from a different business perspective can help to improve performance. The importance of sharing when your business combines customer-facing roles and office roles is exacerbated by the contrast between these two worlds. On the one hand, people who work with customers don’t see the struggle related to profitability, productivity and ROI. On the other hand, the office workers are unaware of how the market perceives their efforts. Let’s look at ways to bring both worlds together.

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The Secret To Building Productive Work Relationships

It all starts with the creation of a successful partnership with a work buddy. Unfortunately, most partnerships require a lot of time to develop into an effective and useful exchange. When you work in different roles, it is about identifying the gray areas in each job, the general weaknesses and strengths of the role within the business. For instance, a shop retailer will understand the audience while the product manager knows the product. Supporting each other in sharing your knowledge of each world is the best way to improve the partnership and benefit to the business performance.

The Secret To Building Profitable Business Strategies

More often than not, the real-time communication between customer-facing agents and office workers is non-existent. Agents find it tricky to answer customers queries about the availability of a specific product, for instance. But it’s primarily because the stocks – whether these are in the restaurant kitchen or a retail warehouse – are the responsibility of the office and administration roles. A way to avoid strategic complications due to lack of real-time data is to share information on the go. Using a POS credit card terminal setup provides customer-facing staff with the possibility to get access to the current inventory and profitability of the business, and to manage real-time transactions too. The additional information also encourages staff to maximize the impact of the most profitable products and to improve revenues in real time.

The Secret To Building A Positive Brand Image

Did you know that the Ford Pinto means tiny male genitals in Portuguese? Nor did the Ford marketing team. The marketing blunder did not go down well in Brazil. However, it could have been avoided if the marketing team had approached the local sale team to share their new product branding. Similar mistakes happen every year, but not all relate to translation issues. For instance, in December 2016 Cinnabon upset many fans when the company paid tribute to Carrie Fisher and used the occasion to promote their buns as Princess Leia’s hairstyle. Unfortunately, the bun lovers disliked the marketing attempt, and the brand was forced to apologize. However, if the marketing team had benefitted from the feedback of their local sellers, they’d have avoided the bad taste joke.