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Cash Flow Crisis? Here Are 5 Places To Find The Money You Need

Lots of us have found the coffers running dry in those last few days before payday. But if you get hit with a big bill at just the wrong time, you may really struggle to pay it. Perhaps there is an expensive repair bill you simply could not have prepared for? Or maybe you need to buy something in a hurry? Whatever the reason, you can still find that cash when you need it. It’s best to consider all your options, and to make sure you can pay back any borrowing you might choose to do:


Bank of Mom and Dad (and friends and siblings)

OK, so nobody likes to ask their mates for money. But if you’re a reliable payer, chances are they won’t mind lending you a little until payday. They might ask you what it’s for, so if this is a private matter, then it may be best to try somewhere else. And they may make some stipulations about how much and how quickly you pay them back. Be prepared for a different answer than the one you were hoping for!

The Real Bank

Asking your bank for a loan isn’t as scary as you might think. And it doesn’t have to be your own bank. There are hundreds of companies offering secured personal loans and other forms of lending all over the internet. However, borrowing money in this way needs to be done with care. Check the APRs. Make sure the length of the loan is practical for your upcoming financial situation. And fully understand the consequences of missed payments or defaulting.

Another Job

Quitting your job and starting a different one doesn’t happen overnight. You need notice periods, interviews, etc. Instead, look for some freelance opportunities. You might become a tutor. Or you might become a writer. If you have a knack for something, or you’re better at it than the next person, tap into it for a quick income. Alternatively, why not try a part-time weekend job? Retail and fast food sectors employ quickly, and you’re usually paid quickly for each shift.

Sell, sell, sell

Selling all your belongings is a lot of hard work, and it’s completely unnecessary. Instead, pick a handful of items you rarely use. Higher value items include jewelry, and 80s or 90s tech. Google each item to find where it is currently selling, and for how much. Decide on your terms of sale, and post it. Lower prices than your competitors could promote a quicker sale. Alternatively, try a dealer for a very quick turnaround.


Your employer is also a good source of extra cash when you need it. Many large companies offer company loans. The repayments are taken directly from your wages, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to pay. If you work for a smaller company, see if you can have your wages forwarded ahead of payday. This might cover you for now, but don’t forget you still need to cover all your other bills next month from this cash.