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5 Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Want to get out of your boring job and do the thing you love the most? Want to take people skydiving, run your own event catering or sell your handmade crafts? Maybe the only thing stopping you is the thought of the initial struggle and hardship. Starting needn’t be difficult – there are business consultants that can provide relevant advice and established franchises such as Telcoinabox that provide a tested, viable model. Anything is possible. Consider these five reasons – you might not be able to say no to chasing your dream job.


Be Your Own Boss

Sick of your boss telling you what to do in a job you hate? Want to change how things are done but the manager won’t listen? By starting your own business you take charge of what happens. No one tells you what to do or how to do it, you decide everything and run the business just how you want it to be run. Control of direction is up to you. If the market looks right you can expand. Every choice you make comes with a risk, but that’s what being the boss is all about.


Working hours are up to you when you’re in charge. Tight schedules and nine to five work days are a thing of the past when you have built your business up. You decide what hours to work to best suit you and your home life. Not only do you choose when you work, but you choose where you work too. Be it from home, your own office or travelling around from job to job. Your commute to work could turn from stop-start traffic to a short walk from the kitchen to the home office.


Choose Who You Work With

In a large business you rarely get to pick who you work with and you can get stuck with some pretty bad co-workers. When you are in charge, you choose who you hire, so you get the chance to look over people before you give them a job, making sure they are the kind of person you want in your business. Perhaps even more important than choosing who you work with, you choose who you work for. Any kind of business you start up will have you selling a product of doing a services for a customer. If you do not want to work for that individual or business, you don’t have to – the choice is entirely up to you.

Job Security

Worried about being laid off? Owning your own business is a great way to strengthen job security. There is no chance of being fired when you are the boss. Your business should always have several clients, if you should lose one client there are others to replace them, so long as you keep yourself within the market. By having your own business for a few years you will gain an expertise in your industry, which will create a demand for your service, which in turn gives you more clients.

Follow Your Interests

There’s no need to be stuck behind a desk doing a job you hate. With your own business you can chase your dreams and do what you have always wanted, so long as there is a market. Your business will be stronger by building it around something you love. The long hours and hard work that go into starting up the business might not even feel like working when you are doing the thing you love the most.

With so many reasons to start up your own business, what are you waiting for? What other great reasons are there to start up a business?