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Baby Space: The Final Frontier

It’s a big part of your life when your first child comes along. Everything has changed forever, not to mention your bank balance! While you were once financially comfortable, you are now racking your brain looking for ways to save money, because babies are expensive. But what happens when you’ve got a really tight living space, and there’s hardly room for you already? It can be really tough to try and find ways to make everything fit. And what happens when the baby is old enough to want to start crawling? Are you going to wrap everything in bubble wrap or just discourage them to ever try and walk?! Trick #1: Plan and Prepare The Space pexels-photo-58457   Preparation is always better in these circumstances. Whether you’re just about to give birth or you’ve got six months, or even if you’re home with your precious angel, it’s better to have a definite plan of action. The first thing to do is to declutter, and be ruthless! When you boil it down to the basics, or there are things which hold sentimental value for you, do you have storage options? Can they go in the attic, or if you haven’t got one, can you invest in some storage space? You can buy a steel building now that goes up in your back garden and isn’t just your standard shed. As sheds can attract things like mold and damage your items, a steel building would be better for withstanding the elements and keeping your items in good condition. And as you will amass lots of stuff you need to store, like baby clothes (just in case you have another), storage is a must!   Trick #2: Making The Space Work For You Pixabay   Even if you’ve not got a room for the baby to begin with, those first six months they will be in the Moses basket next to the bed anyway, buying you some precious time to plan (or to sleep). So the first thing to think about is storing everything vertically. When lacking in space, this is one of your best options, so make the most of vertical hanging baskets, storing items above the kitchen units, anywhere you’ve got some space! Go up! And go down too! Is there space underneath cupboards or tables you don’t use? Be clever with the space, and if there is a slot somewhere, use it! It’s a bit like playing Tetris on occasion, and it can be frustrating, but if you need to make room, it’s got to be done! Trick #3: Push Furniture Closer Together baskets-2028298_1280 Image   Every little helps, and while you don’t want to be a fire hazard, can a bit of furniture move a little to the left which frees up more space somewhere else? Is the TV taking up too much space in the middle of the room? Push it into a corner, and you’ve got much more to play with. Corners are vital space savers depending on the angle they’re at, so place things at right angles if you can to save some precious inches.