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5 Ways Solopreneurs Can Improve Their Customer Service

Every business owner should look for ways to make your business more manageable and keep things running smoothly. This point is true for any company but it becomes even more crucial when you’re a solopreneur. Unlike other companies, you don’t have staff to back you up or share the load, which can have a disastrous effect on customer service. If your customer service has struggled recently, here is some advice to improve it without hiring more people. 

Keep Track Of Your Clients 

You can use customer management software to keep track of your clients and ensure you have a detailed log of all your interactions. Finding the best CRM software will help you learn about their previous purchases as well as any other interactions, such as calls or complaints that could be relevant. 

This approach is more organised than a Word document or Spreadsheet and easier to manage, so you can access customer information quickly and have everything in front of you ready for a conversation. 


Since you’re working solo, you should try to automate as much as possible. This approach will drastically reduce time spent on vital yet tedious tasks, such as posting to social media or updating your blog. 

Furthermore, you can research customer service systems for solopreneurs that make customer interactions much easier. You won’t be able to answer the phone or emails immediately every time, but you can use software that can answer everyday queries, such as opening times or return policies. 

Make Life Easier For Them 

Customer service is not just how you treat your customers or solve their problems. You can also make their lives easier during the browsing and purchasing process. A logical and accessible website is crucial, while multiple payment and shipping options also ensure more possibilities. 

You can also look into cardboard boxes when shipping products. Custom box sizes mean you won’t clutter their home and it can also make it easier to return items in case they need a different product.

Learn to Listen 

Many business owners struggle to genuinely listen to their customers. They assume they know what the customer will ask and already have an answer prepared. However, this can impact the customer experience negatively and could affect your reputation. 

Practising active listening with your customers means you will understand their needs better. You can hear everything they want to say and identify solutions that benefit both sides, ensuring happier customers and repeated purchases.

Get Their Feedback 

Your business can also improve by getting feedback. While not all customers will provide 5this feedback, it’s still worth sending surveys post-purchase to learn what you did well but also what you can improve. 

From there, you can take the information to adjust how you run your business and approach customer service. There could be several issues that come up repeatedly, so making these changes can vastly improve your business. 


There are many ways to improve your customer service and provide a better experience for your customers. These tips should help you highlight which aspects are most essential for your business to help take it to the next level and set yourself apart from other brands.