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Be Prepared for Workplace Emergencies of All Kinds

Workplace emergencies can include a number of different situations. They might range from an individual becoming ill or injured to a weather emergency or natural disaster. When an emergency occurs, being able to handle it in the right way is essential. Whether you own the business and need to make sure your employees know what to do, or you’re an employee who wants to make sure they’re equipped to handle

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Cut Down those Medical Bills

The ever-increasing costs of health care services, health insurance premiums and prescription drugs is a concern for most Americans. It is estimated that health cover is taking at least 20% of a household’s disposable income, and that leaves a big hole to pay for other day-to-day living expenses. Check Out Providers Although according to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 86% of Americans already have health care that does not mean

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Who Is Responsible To Pay For Medical Marijuana Use?

Very few industries are as complex as medical insurance and the laws regulating them. In Canada, many insurance companies are fighting against the liability of paying for medical marijuana as a reasonable medical necessity for patients. Just because it is legal doesn’t mean that insurance companies are forced to accept claims to have it covered for a patient’s pain management. Recent court case outcomes in both the US and Canada

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Fitness On A Dime For All Budgets

We all know that we need to try and stay fit and healthy, but some of us believe that doing so might end up being incredibly expensive. After all, you will need to buy all the right kinds of sports clothes, and you might even want to fork out for a gym membership so that you can use all of their machines and join their classes. Sounds quite costly, right?

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How To Thrive – Not Just Survive – Your Medical Career Journey

Ask anyone who has been on a medical career journey, and they’ll all tell you one thing: it ain’t easy out there. Indeed, this might be downplaying it. There are many a prospective doctor or nurse who eventually gave up on their dream due to the pressures and demands of their career choice. So yes, it will be tough. However, there are certain things you can do that’ll make it

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An Idiot’s Guide To Slashing Your Medical Bills

It’s truly sad that one of the biggest expenses in modern life is healthcare. It’s something we should arguably get for free – to an extent anyway – and yet most people have massive medical bills each year. Things get even worse if you have to go into hospital for serious treatment, as the costs shoot up considerably. I know you’ve clicked on this post because you’re interested in slashing

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The Financial Implications Of A Serious Injury

From time to time, we all suffer injuries in various situations in our daily lives, and there are many ways in which they can affect our lives. If you have so far been lucky in this area, then you might start to think that it doesn’t really apply to you. However the truth is that anyone can suffer injuries at any time, and when that happens it can mean that

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Making The Most Of Your Maternity Leave

Lots of women have the wrong idea when it comes to maternity leave. They think they’re just going to be on the sofa watching daytime TV – while there’s nothing wrong with this from time to time, there are ways you can make the most of your maternity leave so you feel happy and satisfied throughout. This guide will help you to make the most of your maternity leave: Allow

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Maintaining a Healthy Relationship When One Person Works Away

Many couples face a life where one works away much of the time. This can mean working long hours and being gone most of the day or spending long periods of time traveling for business. Either can be tough. Especially if you are used to spending a lot of your time together and have young children. The partner that’s left at home can feel very alone, and like they have

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4 Ways To Delicately Deal With A Workplace Injury

You hear it happen to other people and never think it will happen to you. Then, there is a slip or a fall in the office and you’re in a predicament. How on earth are you supposed to react? The American workplace is a highly sensitive and political organism and no one wants to break a link in the chain. Yet, suffering from another person or entity’s negligence isn’t fair.

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