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Time to Swallow the Facts: Hydration and Its Importance in Productivity

It is such a simple thing, but we greatly underestimate the importance of hydration, especially in regard to so many different aspects of our lives. There are many people who can overhydrate, and this is just as bad as being under hydrated, but learning the importance of hydration, especially in terms of productivity, is definitely worth your time. Being hydrated plays a significant role in enhancing productivity in any environment, so if you are someone who is working in an office or you’re an employer looking for subtle ways to improve performance, you might want to encourage hydration, and here’s why:

Cognitive Performance

Research shows that even mild dehydration resulting in a body water loss of 1% to 2% can actually have an impairment on your cognitive function. Ensuring you prioritise having a water filter replacement in your office if you’ve not been focusing on keeping everybody hydrated is absolutely essential because hydration has a direct effect on our abilities to maintain optimal brain function, focus, and therefore overall cognitive performance.

Reaction Time

Dehydration can slow down our reaction time and can reduce the risk of potential accidents. The importance of having a quick reaction time is vital, especially in this day and age where we’re all feeling more fatigued than ever and escape to our phones for a little mental respite. We need to keep our reactions sharp, and in our office where deadlines are tight and you are expecting people to deliver their best work, make sure that the water cooler is full.

Mental and Physical Performance

Dehydration can have an effect on not only our mental performance but also our physical capabilities. By staying hydrated, we’re going to improve our productivity, and dehydration in any little way can lead to reduced energy levels and therefore decreased physical performance. Those running businesses or having to do long bouts of deep work without being adequately hydrated can benefit from having a water bottle nearby.

Sleep Quality

Being well-hydrated reduces the likelihood of waking up thirsty during the night. If you wake up and your mouth is dry, it’s either because you’re not hydrated enough or you are sleeping with your mouth open, which you can solve by taping your mouth shut so you’re breathing through your nose. But just make sure you do this safely. Quality sleep is, of course, essential for productivity, and therefore, staying hydrated by making sure people consume little and often throughout the day can make a massive difference.

It’s something that many healthcare businesses aim to promote because it’s a very simple thing. Being hydrated is fantastic, but what do we need to remember about being hydrated? It’s about ensuring that you don’t slug water down, but sip little and often, and make sure that you stop consuming any liquids at least two hours before bedtime, which means that you won’t wake up in the night to urinate. Being hydrated is so simple, but because so many of us consume soft drinks that make us think our thirst is being quenched and eat overly salty diets, the solution is about making sure that you have that glass of aqua.