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Why Does My Water Taste Funky?

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Ever taken a sip of water expecting a refreshing gulp of nature’s finest, only to be met with a taste that’s more akin to licking a coin or a swimming pool? You are not alone! Funky-tasting water is one of the most common issues homeowners are plagued by and often it can be quite a worrying thing, but rest assured most of the causes of funky water are nothing to worry about, but you will need to fix them!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some possible reasons for your funky water problem, and what to do about them.

1. Old Pipes Playing Tricks on You

When you have funky water your first and most obvious suspect has to be your plumbing. Old pipes are like the pranksters of the water world. They can add all sorts of ‘flavors’ to your water, especially if they’re made from materials that age as gracefully as a reality TV star. These can leach into your water and give it an unwanted metallic or earthy taste.

Solution: Consider getting your pipes checked and replaced if they’re older than your favorite pair of jeans from your teens.

2. Your Water Heater is in a Mood

The water heater can be a sneaky culprit behind that weird taste in your water. If it’s been a while since you’ve shown it some love (and by love, I mean maintenance), it might be time for a check-up. Sediments can build up, and bacteria can start throwing house parties in there, and this could be an issue if you do not fix it sooner, rather than later.

Solution: Regular maintenance and flushing out your water heater can keep it from turning your water into a science experiment.

3. Chlorine: The Pool Party Crasher

Ah, chlorine – great for pools, not so great for your drinking water. It’s like that guest who overstays their welcome at a party but the guest is a funky taste that will not leave your mouth. Municipal water is often treated with chlorine to kill off bacteria, but it can leave your water tasting and smelling like you’ve just dunked your head in a public pool, which is not exactly refreshing.

Solution: A good water filter can help evict chlorine from your water, restoring its taste to non-pool levels.

4. Those Sneaky Minerals

Hard water, or water high in minerals like calcium and magnesium, can turn your water into a mineral cocktail that is not nearly as appetizing as a nic mojito.

Solution: A water softener can help by removing these minerals, giving you back that crisp, clean taste.

5. Your Water Tank Needs a Makeover

If your home stores water in a tank, the culprit might be right there. Water tanks can collect all sorts of debris and contaminants over time, especially if they’re not lined or cleaned regularly.

Solution: Check out water tank liners – they’re like a protective jacket for your tank, keeping the nasties away from your water.

6. It’s Just Not Your Cup of Tea

Sometimes, it’s not your water; it’s you. Yep, your taste buds can play tricks on you, especially if you’ve eaten something strong-flavored or spicy.

Solution: Rinse your mouth with mouthwash, wait a bit, and then try again. It could be that the onion bagel or those chili chips you were just eating have lingered a little longer than you would have liked.

You really can, as you can see, stop the funk…well when it comes to the water in your home, at least!