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September 2014

5 Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Want to get out of your boring job and do the thing you love the most? Want to take people skydiving, run your own event catering or sell your handmade crafts? Maybe the only thing stopping you is the thought of the initial struggle and hardship. Starting needn’t be difficult – there are business consultants that can provide relevant advice and established franchises such as Telcoinabox that provide a tested,

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Exercises That Help Prevent Back Pain at Work

Something that personal injury firms like Sinnamon Lawyers notice a lot, is that many aspects of workplace health and safety plans are written into the policy but not actively policed or monitored. Things like stretching, taking regular breaks from your usual work station, posture and varying your activities through the day are all extremely important to preventing short or long term injury and need to be a priority. If you

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Home moving can be pain-free – here’s a checklist to get you started

Alright, real talk. Nobody likes moving house. It’s a logistical nightmare and an enormous time sink. At least, it can be if you aren’t properly organised. Planning the move is key to ensuring everything goes smoothly on the day. Here’s the fast track to a fast and painless Moving Day. 4 – 6 Weeks to Moving Day Starting this early leaves you plenty of time to start the ball rolling

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What to Look for When Choosing a New Bank Account

You may think that all bank accounts are the same but this really isn’t the case. If you use the services provided to compare transaction accounts, such as the one developed by BOQ , you’ll find there are some very important distinctions. These can make a big difference to you. Think carefully about how you manage your day-to-day transactions, and take this into account (no pun intended) when shopping for

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3 Robot Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Changes in the work environment have seen a lot of drastic changes over the years and it continues to become even more modern. With these changes came innovative machines from several companies that focus on keeping up with the needs of the current workforce, the most advanced produces from companies like Fuji Xerox certainly make people feel awed with how machines can do so much. Here are some of the

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