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December 2015

Contractor life: finding job security in a flexible sector

As we move out of the global financial crisis and the job market continues to get healthier and more active, increasing numbers of people are using this as an opportunity to consider their options with regard to employment. One of the most fundamental decisions anyone in such a situation needs to make is whether to seek employment as a contractor or in a more permanent sense. On the one hand,

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Eyewear options for frequent travelers: which one is right for you?

International travel has arguably never been as popular as it is today. Only a few generations ago, visiting foreign countries on the other side of the world would seem impossibly glamorous and prohibitively expensive for all but a few. Today, with the rise in popularity of budget airlines and online platforms for finding the best deal, the world seems smaller than ever, and increasing numbers of people now enjoy the

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Alcohol Abuse Can Affect Every Member of the Family

Alcohol abuse doesn’t only hurt the person who drinks too much as a result of their addiction; it also adversely affects every member of that individual’s family. To learn more about how family members are affected by alcoholism, continue reading. Effects on Children and Teens When parents abuse alcohol, it has a really negative impact upon the children and teenagers in the family. Many kids who live with alcoholic parents

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Taking a step up the property ladder? Here’s some tips on how to save money

Moving home is an exciting, yet stressful endeavour; especially when you are planning to buy in the more renowned, expensive areas of the country. Before you get excited about new décor or a renovation, buying a house is more then just a deposit and a mortgage. The key to watching your finances is to be clued up on house buying and to use the tools available so you understand where

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How to Interview a Payroll Company for Your Business Needs

You have researched payroll outsourcing, made your list of the services that you need, so now it’s time to interview companies who offer what you need to streamline your business operations. Choose about three companies to interview and be sure to ask them the same questions so that you can reflect on their answers later when you are ready to compare companies and make your choice. If you have never

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Wondering What to get your Loved Ones for Christmas? Here are Some Ideas

With the holidays just around the corner, if you haven’t yet finished all of your Christmas shopping you may (rightfully) be feeling a little worried. There’s no need to procrastinate and find yourself walking around the mall like a zombie on Christmas Eve, so check out the below tips for some great advice on how you can ensure everyone you love gets a well-thought-out and personalised gift this Christmas. For

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How to Save Money on Your Home

Many homeowners don’t realize just how expensive it can be to own a home until you’re faced with all the bills and expenses. However, just because homeownership comes with costs doesn’t mean that you have to go into debt in order to do so. There are plenty of ways that you can save money on your home, you just have to know what to do. Check out some of the

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Going Beyond the Start-Up Period: How to Help Your Business Advance to the Next Level

Without a doubt, a company’s first year of operations is fraught with challenges, difficulties, and a lot of hard work. But now that you have almost gone through the initial phase of your business – the dreaded and most difficult start-up period – and have found out what you need to know about ‘business basics’, the next step is taking your business above and beyond this phase. Keep in mind

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The Future of Patient Self-Assessment Is Here

Oddly enough, it seems as though the medical community in the UK and throughout Europe seems to be more in tune with the needs of patients who are suffering from chronic conditions that need careful daily monitoring. Medical self-assessment devices are huge in the UK and even the NHS has become active in promoting their use in patient care. Will the United States catch up to what has become a

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A List of Crucial Mistakes You should Avoid when Beginning a Business Enterprise

There is no doubt that anyone who decides to start their own enterprise has a great degree of courage. After all, having your own business is something that cannot be taken lightly, as you are responsible for each and every decision and task that is related to your business operations and its growth – and eventual success. But when you have your own business, you may also commit mistakes from

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