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Eyewear options for frequent travelers: which one is right for you?

International travel has arguably never been as popular as it is today. Only a few generations ago, visiting foreign countries on the other side of the world would seem impossibly glamorous and prohibitively expensive for all but a few. Today, with the rise in popularity of budget airlines and online platforms for finding the best deal, the world seems smaller than ever, and increasing numbers of people now enjoy the frequent traveler lifestyle.

For all the excitement and adventure that such a lifestyle brings, there are of course inconveniences, and it is important to minimize these in order to enjoy every travel opportunity to the maximum extent. One such consideration is eyewear, and frequent travelers who happen to require corrective measures for their eyesight know only too well what a hassle this can be.

Here are some of the most popular options available, each of which have both strong points and downsides:

Glasses. Understandably popular, given that glasses can be convenient, simple and fashionable. They are light and easy to fit into even the smallest hand luggage. The downside is that they are fragile and easy to lose. This is bad enough when it happens at home, but to lose your glasses while travelling can be disastrous, as getting them replaced with the right prescription is far from the easiest thing to do.

Contact lenses. These are more invasive than glasses, but also very popular and convenient. Contact lens technology has advanced significantly in recent years and more and more people are enjoying the fact that they can keep them in for longer, at times even temporarily forgetting they are wearing them. Unfortunately, the same problems with glasses apply here as well, so it is important to keep spares to hand in case of loss or breakage. Contact lenses can also become uncomfortable when worn for too long, particularly on long-haul flights, for example.

Laser eye surgery. The benefits of such surgery are obvious, as it provides a potentially permanent solution that removes the need for any further corrective measures. People have traditionally been put off by the cost, and as with any kind of surgery or medical procedure, there are risks involved. That said, the expertise in this area continues to improve and the surgery is more effective than ever, with prices generally coming down as a result. This is evidenced by the practices and offers of organizations such as Slade & Baker, who offer premium LASIK surgery in Houston. Companies like this should be a serious consideration for frequent travelers looking for a more permanent solution to their eyesight challenges.

The most important thing is to remember is that there are always options, and even something as fundamental as impaired eyesight is not a good enough reason to stop yourself taking part in something you truly love. All it takes is a bit of research into all the options in order to decide on the best one for you, and then you can head off, confident that you are fully prepared to enjoy your travels as much as you possibly can.