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December 2016

The Importance of Dental Health

Taking care of your gums, teeth is crucial, and good dental and oral hygiene can help prevent gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath, while also helping ensure you keep your teeth as you age. Researchers are continuing to discover more reasons for people to floss and brush. A health mouth can help you ward off infections and medical disorders, while unhealthy mouths with gum disease can increase the risk

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The best gifts for the traveller in your life

With Christmas around the corner, you may find that there are a few people you simply haven’t yet bought for. It could be that they’re too tricky to buy for, or they’re constantly on the go so it’s hard to know which gifts are the best choice. Personally, as someone who has done a lot of travelling and seen so many different places, I have a pretty good idea of

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6 Simple Ways To Get More Offline Sales

If you have a physical business, getting more offline sales is likely pretty important to you. There may be a few tricks you’re missing if you don’t feel you’re making as many sales as you could be. Use the following 6 simple ways to get more offline sales. Arrange Things In A Way That Makes Sense Take a look at your physical premises and ask yourself if things are arranged

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Shoot For The Moon! Why It’s Important To Try And Better Yourself

If you search online, you’ll find an endless stream of motivational quotes. Sayings can be inspirational. But it’s not enough to read the words. You also have to act on them. You only get one shot at life, so why not make it amazing? You don’t need to do something incredible every day. But don’t rest on your laurels. Make goals, and get out there and make them come true.

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Passion Investing: Turning your hobby into profit

According to the Financial Times, interest in ‘passion investments’ has increased strongly over the last ten years. Passion investing is the process of allocating wealth toward high-value collectibles, and has gained traction in a number of different industries, from classical cars to fine wine. As high net worth individuals are turning their hobbies into profit, we look at those trends and ask if now is the time to invest. Classic

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