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May 2018

Affordable tips for creating stunning effects in the home with tiles

You can add a touch of style and originality to any room of the home using tiles, and what’s more, you will find tiling extremely affordable. Modern homes utilise tiles in a variety of different ways, they’re not just relegated to kitchens and bathrooms nowadays and can create unique effects and features. Tiles can add a luxurious appearance to rooms and can be used as accent features in borders or

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DIY Tools you Need to Invest in, to Save Money Longterm

When it comes to DIY, there are some jobs that you can do at home. It does mean that you need the right tools and it is better that you have these in advance. Between practical courses, YouTube tutorials, and online step-by-step guides there is a lot of money to be saved by digging in and taking care of a job that needs doing. Make sure you get your tools

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How to Expand Your Small Holding into a Business

One of the best ways to achieve financial freedom and true independence is to set up a smallholding where you can produce enough food for your family to live on. This is certainly an extreme thing to do in modern society where the vast majority are dependent on all kinds of other things to make their daily bread, but if it is a dream of yours, there is very little

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Free Social Media Tools You Should be Using

Any small business owner knows how vital it is to have access to free or cheap tools that help to keep the business running smoothly. Social media is a big key to the success of all activity in this hyper-connected time. With everything in social media use what works for your business and your intentions. Utilize Social Mentions. While we are busy getting out messages across on all your social

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Here’s How WordPress Can Help Your Business

In case you didn’t get the memo; having a slick and well put together website is essential to business success in just about all fields, in 2018 (and for those in which it isn’t essential, it’s still a major plus.) The way you choose to present yourself online has a major impact on the way you’re perceived by your clients and those you do business with. Even if you work

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Simple Ways To Save Money Getting Your Degree

Education is incredibly expensive, and it’s only getting more expensive each year. Because of this, more and more people are finding it difficult to pay for the education they need to get the degree they want, and even more than this are struggling for money while they’re studying. It’s easy to suggest for these people to get a job to help them out financially, but you can only work so

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8 Stunning Hacks That Will Make Your More Financially Secure at Home

Finances are such a crucial thing these days, and so many of us seem to run into financial problems these days. It seems like there is never enough money to go around and cover all your expenses, and this can be even worse if you have a family to look after. Achieving financial security is so important for a more comfortable life and a less stressful future. This means you

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