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Here’s How WordPress Can Help Your Business

In case you didn’t get the memo; having a slick and well put together website is essential to business success in just about all fields, in 2018 (and for those in which it isn’t essential, it’s still a major plus.)

The way you choose to present yourself online has a major impact on the way you’re perceived by your clients and those you do business with. Even if you work as a solo, part-time entrepreneur, you need to project an image of cutting-edge professionalism on par with major businesses, if you want to have the best shot at enticing clients to use your services.

And when it comes to creating your website, WordPress is one of the best content management systems to use by a long shot. Whether you’re interested in using WordPress to create your site solo, or are relying on the professional assistance of WordPress Developers, the benefits are considerable.

WordPress sites can be built intuitively with page templates

When you log into the admin control panel for your WordPress site, you will find yourself confronted by some pretty intuitive settings and controls.

While some of these will require a basic knowledge of HTML and SEO to use, it is possible to overlook these sections entirely, and build an attractive, fully-functional website using just page templates.

WordPress page templates (themes) are released by WordPress itself, and also by assorted other companies and individuals. These are collected on a database you can search and access through your admin control panel, and can be installed with just a couple of clicks. Once installed, these templates can generally be programmed with very little effort (extra pages ages, background photos included, etc.)

Within minutes of installing a WordPress page template, your website can be up and running.

WordPress plugins allow for near-effortless site customisation

While WordPress page templates can give you a functional, bare-bones site within minutes, WordPress plugins allow you to further customise the site with virtually zero effort.

Plugins, like page templates, can be found via a database on your site’s WordPress admin control panel. Here you’ll find a variety of free and priced plugins which fulfil an enormous number of different roles, from allowing for easy page formatting, to including contact forms, or adding a layer of anti-spam, anti-hacker security to your site.

For the most part, plugins are “plug and play” — you simply install, activate, and adjust their settings within a few simple clicks.

WordPress allows for adjustment by coders

In addition to WordPress being so intuitive and easy to work with for newbies and non-coders, it does also include access to the underlying code for anyone brave enough to play with.

If you have some knowledge of coding, or if you’re willing to learn on the go, you can change just about any feature of your WordPress site or theme by tinkering with the code for the site as a whole, or individual sections of code pertaining to themes, plugins, etc.

In other words, WordPress is highly accessible at the entry level, but also provides more than enough material for an adept web developer to play with.