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September 2018

It’s Time to Familiarise Yourself With Different Trading Markets

If you’re looking for an extremely lucrative career path to take, trading is probably a good path to follow. This field provides seemingly endless opportunities to accrue significant sums of cash. Now, the majority of people first considering a career in trading tend to focus on who they want to trade on behalf of. Do they want to go it alone? Should they pursue a role in a hedge fund?

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Who Is Responsible To Pay For Medical Marijuana Use?

Very few industries are as complex as medical insurance and the laws regulating them. In Canada, many insurance companies are fighting against the liability of paying for medical marijuana as a reasonable medical necessity for patients. Just because it is legal doesn’t mean that insurance companies are forced to accept claims to have it covered for a patient’s pain management. Recent court case outcomes in both the US and Canada

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So You’re About To Partner With A Foreign Business

Corporations are at times, very skittish. They’re large and cumbersome and they know it. That’s why they don’t want to make any big moves without taking their sweet time. This goes in the favor of small businesses, as because of the size they are able to connect and morph quickly. Say for example, you are an English cake maker. Everyone knows how tasty English cakes are, so one day an

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Saving Money on Your Next Home Move

Moving to a new home is often a hassle. You must find a place to live, pack up all of your things, and somehow get them all to the new place. On top of that, you need to find time to do all of this during your already busy life. It’s a lot to handle, and if you’re not careful, it can become expensive on top of stressful. With that

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Epic Mistakes To Avoid When Financial Planning

There are a few areas in life that you will want to avoid significant mistakes in, and your finances is one of them. Luckily, you can benefit from others experience in this area without having to make the mistakes yourself. Read on to find out more. Not expecting the unexpected. Guess what? Life does not laws go to plan! In fact, you probably know that by now. However, there is

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Forgotten Things To Think About When You Have Staff Working For You

Starting up your business may have just been all about what you could do, where you could work and how you were going to make it a success. But fast forward to today and you may find that you are already wondering how you have gotten from that point out now potentially having a business location and also maybe having staff on board. However, with this progression comes added responsibility

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Mini Upgrades to Make a Mega Difference to Your Humble Home

You never quite feel satisfied with the décor and overall appearance of your home; you spend a few weeks making tweaks and then you always look for a new project to keep you occupied. Whether you’re updating your home office or sprucing up your back garden, there is always something to be done to the house in your eyes. At the moment you are raring and ready to take on

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(Nearly) Every American City That’s Both Exciting And Pretty

Some people travel for sunshine and stunning landscapes. Other people travel for an adventure. But what about those explorers who are looking for exciting destinations that are also incredibly beautiful? Sightseeing doesn’t have to just be an educational experience, and a relaxing vacation doesn’t have to include pretty views with no substance. You can have the best of both worlds. Here’s a list of nearly every American city that’s both

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What Are The Best Ways to Improve Your Financial Security?

Financial security is something that just about all of us would like to achieve. It’s not about having lots of money to splash around (even though that would be nice!) It’s about being able to live comfortably. To be able to afford the things you need with a little left over for luxuries, and to generally not have to worry about money. But how can you achieve this? Here are

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Escape The 9-5 Commute – Work From Home!

If you are searching for a career which offers a degree of flexibility you could look at jobs which can easily be worked from home. The 9-5 daily commute can be very restricting and expensive when you take into account the costs relating to public transport. Many people find that they are much more productive when working from home, as they realise their time is precious. It does however require

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