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July 2019

How to Start Saving for a Baby Today

If you’re expecting a baby, then you’re probably feeling thrilled, excited, and full of love. However, as wonderful as this moment in your life may be, it’s important to remember that you’ve got a lot of preparing to do before your little bundle of joy gets here. When the excitement wears off and the morning sickness sets in, you’ll begin to realise just how expensive it can be to raise

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Practical Tips for Dealing with Difficult Tenants

Many landlords take precautions to avoiding being saddled with troublesome tenants. While references and credit checks can help weed out a fair percentage of undesirables, it’s still possible for problematic renters to slip through the cracks. Even if someone has impeccable credit, glowing references and the ability to impress during in-person interviews, there’s no guarantee they won’t become a headache in the future. Whether you’re a new property owner or

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Surprising Healing Benefits of the Sun

Did you know that a little sun on your skin is actually healthy? Oh yes, it is! We know that you’ve been told countless times how the sun is not good for you. However, we’ll break it down for you; UV light is just one frequency of light. There are actually 8 more others and each one of them has its own healing power. Below, we list the surprising healing

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Great VR Games That Can Be Played Using One Hand

With Virtual Reality gaming becoming a real thing in the new technology era. We just thought its high time we introduce some of the greatest innovations that have been brought about by this new and brilliant mechanism. Virtual Reality in general has done exceptionally well in making sure that the world become a better place for everyone. And surely the future looks bright with this masterpiece innovation. Many games and

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Fung Fu: The Ice Block Treatment

Often times we tend to worry about the little pains that we have. And most of those times we don’t even bother to go to the doctor. We simply just sit it out and hope that the pain will end. However, there are times when the pain just doesn’t end, that is why we have a remedy for you. A very simple Chinese medication called Fung Fu. What is Fung

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4 Smart Moves Every Landlord Should Do To Be Successful

Being a landlord is a big responsibility. Some people think that they will be able to buy a property, find nice tenants, and collect all the cash. However, it takes a little more than that to be successful as a landlord. Those who have experience with tenants and owning rental properties will be the first to offer up their advice and insight. If you’re considering becoming a landlord or you

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It’s Not Too Late to Start Making 2019 Your Best Financial Year Ever: Here’s What You Should Do

Great things happen if you manage your finances well. If you are currently having financial difficulties and would like to turn things around, then it’s not too late. You can still make 2019 your best financial year with the following tips. Set your financial goals and intentions. If you’re currently renting and would like to buy a home, make that your ultimate financial goal. Wanting to improve your credit standing

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