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June 2020

Cool Gadgets for Men

We are so in love with cool gadgets. Not only do they look great and classy, they also help with making life better. In fact, gadgets make it easy for us to complete certain tasks. For this reason, more and more gadgets are being released, as there is constant competition in the tech industry. In this post, we feature some cool gadgets for men. We hope that soon, there will

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How Skill Gaming Can Let You Get Paid To Play Games

It’s pretty apparent that we’re all living in an instantaneous and digitally-diverse world. Every part of our daily lives have been, and will continue to be, shaped by the technologies around us, which has led to almost every industry having to reshape and restructure to keep up with the latest trends.  The betting and gaming community has successfully adapted to change, experiencing noteworthy growth year after year. A significant factor

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5 Fun Things to do in London

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent the majority of this quarantine dreaming about travel. London is one of those bucket list destinations for many people, with so much history scattered thorough out this beautiful capital. While travel is off the cards right now, there’s no harm in planning what you’ll do as soon as things open back up again. Here are my top suggestions for 5 fun things

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How Wall Art Designs Affect Your House Aesthetic

Everyone wants to have a home that looks stylish and elegant. It is one way to show everyone your personality using home styling. The right way of showing these designs is through wall art. Wall art design has a significant impact on your home interior. It involves love, passion, and creativity to achieve the best plan for your home. Today, we’re going to showcase various types of wall arts. Also,

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Alex Dee Discusses What Type of Friends to Have Hack

“The quality of the relationship is based on your ability to have uncomfortable conversations with each other!” Tony Robbins Is It Ambivalent Hack – Vanessa Van Edwards How do you know what relationships to say no to? The easiest one to be able to spot are the ones that you know are toxic – you automatically say no to those because those are easy to spot! The hard ones are those relationships we don’t know

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Alex Dee Reveals the Compassionate Hack

Suffering Hack – George Mumford – The key to compassion and have more of it – The hack to compassion is suffering. Because it is by sharing the same experiences in that same pain that you’re able to relate to others on a deeper level. Me going through that pain and suffering makes me sensitive to other people’s pain and suffering! This is why when you go through struggling and adversity,

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Bring Back the Glory of your Hair with PRP Treatment

When you are suffering from hair loss, it does not only affect your physical appearance; it can also change your confidence, too. However, thanks to ever-evolving technology, there are now solutions to this problem. If you’re familiar with vampire facial, a skin treatment that primarily uses blood to facilitate a youthful and glowing skin, there’s also a similar treatment for the hair. This treatment uses human blood, too. This treatment

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