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Alex Dee Discusses What Type of Friends to Have Hack

“The quality of the relationship is based on your ability to have uncomfortable conversations with each other!” Tony Robbins

Is It Ambivalent Hack – Vanessa Van Edwards

How do you know what relationships to say no to? The easiest one to be able to spot are the ones that you know are toxic – you automatically say no to those because those are easy to spot! The hard ones are those relationships we don’t know where the relationship stands, and it is ambivalent! Some may go on for years just saying yes when there’s no great relationship there! The best thing to do is be nice about it because it is a waste of both your times, there’s no reason to continue down that path! 

So how do you know which relationships are worth the time and which ones aren’t?

Two ways! 

  1. When you’re celebrating your success, is the person genuinely happy for you! If so, then you know that is good energy to be around.
  1. Ask yourself if you’re saying no out of guilt or fear. If so, then it’s a polite no. 

Friends That Help You to Get Smarter Hack Neil Strauss – Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you, where it’s uncomfortable at your ego level! 

Three Levels Hack – What Type of Relationships to Have – Alex Dee – There are three types of relationships to have in your life. 

  1. Level-up Relationship – These are the type of friends that are ahead of you and will help you to grow and level up to go from where you are to where you want to be. These would be mentors and coaches and others who can challenge your current mindset and beliefs and help you get to next level where they’re currently at!
  2. Grow-up Relationship – These are the type of friends where you’re at the same level and grow together from where you are to where you want to be! These are usually your peers or people who also are also choosing to follow their dreams alongside of you and you can support each other thru the journey. This group is very important to give you support and belief, when others may not believe in you and what you’re doing!
  3. Rise-up Relationship – These are the relationships where you help others that are not at the same level as you and want to strive to get to where you are right now! The great part is no matter where you are right now, there’s always someone else who’s where you used to be and want to get to where you are now. This group is very important as it will give you the greatest sense of fulfillment by helping others rise up to reach their goals and deep sense for humanity and how we are all truly connected!

The People You Hang Around Hack – Sadhguru – It’s not just about planting seeds but it’s also about getting the seeds in the right soil. You need people that are more well off than you; have a bigger vision. Does your vision increase around your friends or decrease? You should have friends that are going to pull you up, not push you down.