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December 2014

Overdraft Avoidance 101: 4 Tips On Managing Your Current Accounts

An unintended bank overdraft is not only unpleasant, but can also be extremely expensive. Fortunately by correctly managing your current bank accounts, you should be able to avoid going into the red by accident. Here are some tips to help you manage your accounts correctly. Try to Keep More Money Than You Need This first tip sounds rather obvious, however it does bear repeating. You should always try to keep

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Top things to do in Orlando

Orlando is an awesome city to visit in the United States, especially as a family with small kids as you have so many theme parks to choose from. However it’s not just all crazy rides and theme parks and this awesome place has so much to offer. So I’ve rounded some top activities to do for your next trip there. Theme Parks As I said Orlando has so many Theme

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Time for a holiday in Cornwall

I was pleasantly surprised recently when I visited the seaside town of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. You don’t often think of beach holidays when heading to the U.K but this village really took me by surprise. Now you aren’t exactly going to get the tropical warm waters like you do in places like Greece or Spain but there still plenty to do there and it’s a perfect weekend getaway

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The Top Online Shops for Budget Women’s Designer Labels

Fashion is a tangible embodiment of the concept of luxury. An outfit that looks expensive, or at least well-made, is an instant signifier of class and wealth. It is only natural that women of all income levels would want to convey this message with their clothing. With a little sleuthing, one can track down designer clothing at affordable prices. Vintage shopping is a necessary hobby for those who are invested

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How to upgrade your lounge

The lounge is the centre of the house and is really where most people spend most of their time in the home. So why have it outdated? If you want to upgrade your lounge room and money is an issue then I’ve rounded up some top ideas that will make your lounge feel fresh and new without breaking the bank. Get a good TV I know this doesn’t exactly appeal

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Super Solar: Solar Uptake in Australia and Awesome Solar Facts

Between the years 2009 and ’12, uptake figures for solar panels in Australia fluctuated to say the least. In New South Wales for example, around 18 thousand panels were installed in 2009 compared with almost 200 thousand in 2011, which then dropped dramatically to only 83 thousand in 2012. Victoria, WA, SA and the ACT follow a similar boom and bust trend with a 2011 boom followed by a sharp

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