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September 2015

Why you should Visit Denver

While many people are planning trips to Miami and New York, anyone who is looking for something a little different should ensure that their next trip is to Denver. Denver, Colorado is often a stepping-off point for those who want to ski in Vale and Aspen, but the city is so much more than a place to stop on the way to somewhere else. Here are some reasons why you

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Tips for Improving your Backyard

Is your backyard a little embarrassing? Do you cringe every time you have friends and family over and keep putting off the improvements you need to make? Now is the time to bite the bullet and transform your backyard into a place you want to hang out in, and a space you can use. Here are some tips for improving your backyard: Buy some plants It may seem obvious, but

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Home Decoration Tips for 2016

As we edge closer to the end of 2015 (Christmas decorations will be out soon!) many people are considering their goals for next year. If you’re thinking about moving house, redecorating or buying your first home, you may be considering just how you would decorate it once you move in. Here are some home decoration tips for 2016: Think about your taste and style Maybe you want your home to

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How to Save Money in 2016

As we head into the end of 2015, many people are wondering just where the year has gone and taking a good hard look at their finances. Whether you have a family or you’re just getting started in a new career, you’re probably hoping to be money-smart next year (I know I sure am!) so here are some tips for saving money in 2016: Set Realistic Goals While most people

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Thinking about Buying a Bike? Here’s why you Should

We’ve all done it- driven past that cyclist on the way to work, noticed families on their bikes in the weekend, and heard about a friends new health kick which involves biking everywhere. Most of the time we give a fleeting thought to buying a bike “I should do that”, we tell ourselves, but we never do. While most people know the main benefits of regular cycling, here are some

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Why you Should Buy a New Car

Is your car embarrassing? Do your kids ask you to drop them down the street from school, and your friends and colleagues make jokes about how they can hear you coming a mile away? You probably know that you need to buy a new car, but if you’re not yet convinced, here are some reasons why you may need to bite the bullet and invest in new wheels. Even though you’re

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How to Transform your House into a Home

Have you recently moved house? You may have noticed that it still feels like someone else’s house, and it doesn’t yet feel like a home. Sometimes this will just take a little time-after all much of what makes a house a home are the memories you make with your family. But there are also some ways you can contribute towards taking ownership of that house. Here are some tips for

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How to Become a Great Photographer

Have you ever seen someone who can pick up any camera and take an amazing photo? They seem to have a gift for the skill of photography and can show the emotion and feel of a scene through their lens. They make it look easy. If you’re like me, you probably know that photography is one of those deceptive hobbies. We all like to believe that if we only had

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Tips for Starting your own Business

Starting your own business is one of the best ways to put the power back in your own hands. Along with choosing who you work with, you get to choose your hours and work from anywhere you please. Location independence is one of the main reasons I chose to work for myself, and many people find themselves in the same situation where they want to quit their day jobs and

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