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August 2019

How to Grow Your Small Business Into Something Bigger

You’ve done the work of starting a small business. You’re established and things are going well. Now, you’re ready for the next challenge. Whether you want to grow bigger in your local community or take on the globe, it’s time to take the next steps and think about the different ways you can expand. Diversify Your Offerings If you started small, you’ve probably narrowed in on very specific products or

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5 Must-Have Features For a Real Estate App

Real estate app development market is thriving. People are used to change places to live, rent, buy or sell properties, pursuing their dreams, career. As everyone is becoming more and more mobile, it’s not a surprise that real estate apps are so popular nowadays. Such behemoths as Airbnb and Booking offer users a wide range of features and an enormous list of listings making them the best online platforms for

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The Best Tips for Running a Taxi Business

Starting a taxi business can be a rather lucrative idea. Since fewer people are opting to buy vehicles, people now need more transport options. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that it will be easier, either. Like any company, you need to know the tricks of the trade if you would like to succeed. So, if you want to know how you can turn a profit with your taxi

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Pocket Applications For Wander Lust Inclined Student

If the travel bug has hit you this year and you feel the need to explore the unexplored, you are in luck, the world is your oyster and modern technology is on your side. O whether you are planning a trip to the middle of the ocean on some deserted island with no Wi-Fi connection or you are travelling to the hub of China, these application are absolutely necessary despite

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How pets can benefit your lifestyle?

Pets can bring joy to our lives, they can be loving, and we can share a deep bond with them, but have you ever wondered how much pets can benefit our health? Award-winning stairlift retailer Acorn Stairlifts explores this idea and analyses how certain animals can improve both your physical and mental health, as well as your social skills and aid your body to fight off allergies. How pets can

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How to Play Monopoly (Part 2)

Last time, we taught you how to play Monopoly. In this article, we finish off the lesson to help you become a pro at the game. Auction any unsold property If you happen to land at on a property that is not owned by anyone and you don’t buy it, it’s auctioned by the banker and sold to the highest bidder. All the bids will start at $1 and will

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Celebrities Who Like Gambling

The situation of celebrities loving their gambling is not new at all. Since they get their money by doing what they love the most, most of them choose to spend through gambling.  There are so many actors who love spinning the roulette wheel. Some even go as far as testing their acting skills as they play poker. Just as much as they have made it in the media industry they

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