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Celebrities Who Like Gambling

The situation of celebrities loving their gambling is not new at all. Since they get their money by doing what they love the most, most of them choose to spend through gambling. 

There are so many actors who love spinning the roulette wheel. Some even go as far as testing their acting skills as they play poker. Just as much as they have made it in the media industry they are now after a second career which is to make money sports betting. Some of these celebrities, who are taking up gambling, are newbies and they gamble for fun and nothing else.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon popularly known as Jason Osborne in the famous film, The Martial is one of the celebrities who took gambling to heart.  It even got to an extent where he got a gambling addiction. They used to be spotted by his dearest friend Ben Affleck making their way to best casino in usa on a frequent basis. Matt at one point also took part in illegal gambling rig that used to happen in 5s-star hotels. Matt used to love Texas Hold’em poker. They would go to the best hotels just to have this amazing gambling experience with Ben.

Pamela Anderson

It’s not only male celebrities that fall for gambling, but even female celebrities also developed an interest in gambling. She is a former Baywatch star and also a model got an addiction in poker and slots. Her addiction got to an extent where she accrued a debt that saw Rick Salomon came in handy as a saviour. She has to marry Salomon so that he could help her settle a debt of 250 000 at one of the Las Vegas casinos.

Toby Maguire

He is the face behind the famous Spiderman. He later became a  professional poker player. Some of these celebrities ended up taking part in illegal gambling deals. Maguire once got arrested for being a member of an illegal gambling ring. Apart from this Toby was one of the best poker players and he has won over 100 million dollars all in poker tournaments.