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How to Play Monopoly (Part 2)

Last time, we taught you how to play Monopoly. In this article, we finish off the lesson to help you become a pro at the game.

Auction any unsold property

If you happen to land at on a property that is not owned by anyone and you don’t buy it, it’s auctioned by the banker and sold to the highest bidder. All the bids will start at $1 and will only stop if no one else wants to increase their bid. If no one buys it, the bank keeps it and the game continues, do you know that you can win biding money at sports betting international and be able to own property

Collect rent

For landing on someone’s property, you must pay rent that is printed on the title deed unless the property is mortgaged.

Buy all the properties in a coloured group to get a monopoly

The goal of the game is to buy all properties in a coloured group, thereby bankrupting other players. You can then charge double rent for these properties.

Build houses on your monopoly

You can start building houses on those properties and charge double rent on those houses. Just like in newzealand  casino gambling, this game is all about taking chances.

Build a hotel after you’ve built four houses

Hotels are the most lucrative so make sure after building four houses; you buy a hotel from the bank. Normally, one hotel is equal to five houses while you can only build four houses on that property.

Collect $200 when you pass GO

Every player collects $200 when they pass or land on the corner marked “GO”. 

Take a Chance or Community Chest card

You should take the top card off the corresponding deck of the place that you would have landed on if you land on “Chance” or “Community Chest”. The cards you get may earn you money, make you lose money, or get out of jail free.

Go to jail

When you’re jailed, you can’t move around the board. However, you can still collect rent, buy houses, and trade.

Make deals with other players

Trading with other players allows you to get a monopoly.