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April 2020

How Greg Blatt Defied the Odds and Built a Name in the Tech Industry

Building a brilliant reputation in the corporate world is not a walk in the park for any business leader. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifices to display an exemplary performance that will enable you to stay at the top of the industry. Greg Blatt is one of the few corporate leaders who have managed to portray this kind of performance in the online dating industry. He has worked

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Check Out the Success Path of the CEO of Papa Johns

With headquarters based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Papa Johns International, Inc. has become the world’s third-largest delivery company in the pizza industry. Back in January of 2018, Steve Ritchie was promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Ritchie started as an hourly employee with the Papa John’s team 21 years before his big promotion. His starting pay was $6 an hour. It was Ritchie’s decision in 2006 to become

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Luke Lazarus Speaks His Mind on Modern Marketing Trends

The modern world never sits still. People and the world are always on the move. Now, more than ever before, people need to be prepared to keep up with anything that the world might throw at them. For that reason and so many others, many people look to the experts. Experts like Luke Lazarus can help them make sense of the world. As it changes, so too will companies need

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Through the recent outbreak of the novel Coronavirus in the Hubei Province, where the district of Wuhan is under partial quarantine, one local enterprise is persevering in the face of economic impact to aid the prevention and treatment of the disease. China’s largest online retailer Jingdong has raised more than RMB 200 million in order to help combat the fight against this epidemic. The online retailer is one of the

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Alexis Kennedy Trailblazes An Amazing Videogame Career

Fans of low-budget movies that copycat studio films do exist, but their numbers are minimal. Independent videogame companies, according to creator/executive Alexis Kennedy, that follow the strategy of copying the top studios find themselves doomed to failure. He feels indie companies thrive when they take chances and provide something interesting and controversial. Kennedy lives by his assessment. In co-founding Weather Factory with Lottie Bevan, Kennedy intends to release intriguing video

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Wales Home to 4 of the Top 10 Most Affordable Housing Areas in UK, Quinshaw Finance Reveals

Getting onto the housing ladder can be a major challenge in the UK, with property prices many times greater than average salaries. However, in news that may be welcomed by those looking to buy homes in Wales, figures highlighted by alternative property lender Quinshaw Finance show that the country offers some of the UK’s most affordable areas for housing. A breakdown of the figures Citing figures from an Office for

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The Most Dangerous Jobs in History

Most of us have to work in order to earn a keep, the one parent working household a thing of the past. With the current health crisis we’re experiencing, many jobs have become work from home jobs spontaneously, allowing a privileged few to continue to work without increasing their risk of exposure. For others, working on the frontline or in essential work, such as nurses and supermarket workers, the risk

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Turn Shatter to e Juice: Different Ways to Consume the Weed Concentrate

The process when you turn shatter to e juice is getting more popular these days. People like it when they consume cannabis through vape pens or portable vaporizers because they can take it anywhere, and use it anytime. Vaping is better than smoking marijuana because you don’t inhale the carcinogens that are found when you smoke. For sure, you are already using e-liquid and want to try turning cannabis concentrate

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Personal Injury Attorneys Denver

A personal injury attorney or a professional lawyer who represents a party in a personal injury dispute. Such injuries may be physical or mental harm or a combination of both physical and psychological damage. A personal injury attorneys Denver must have the qualifications to practice law and must have passed the ethics examinations as required by the state.  What does a personal injury attorney do?  The personal injury lawyer doesn’t

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How can businesses keep supply disruption to a minimum in the wake of COVID-19?

As the number of COVID-19 cases keeps rising and more countries enter lockdown, the impact on the global economy becomes increasingly stark with each passing day. Stock prices are plummeting, companies are going under, and unemployment is at unimaginably high levels. For businesses that have managed to keep their heads above water, one of the most noticeable impacts has been on their supply chain. As borders and factories close, and

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