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October 2017

Fighting To Stay Competitive In Logistics

If your business has been involved in logistics for a while, then you’re well aware of the enormous challenges that have faced this sector. The ups and downs are enough to send you into a spin. Still, the future looks promising for those businesses that are keeping up with the changes as they happen. And if you can keep ahead of the rest, then you might be doing quite well.

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Save More By Spending: The Oxymoron Which Could Save Your Company

Picture Credit There isn’t an entrepreneur out there who doesn’t want to save their business money wherever possible. The money saving attitude is the only one which will ensure you get far. Otherwise, you’ll soon find yourself in trouble. For proof, consider that 80% of startups fail in their first year. And,  lack of money is a leading cause for failure. While an inability to produce sales plays a part,

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Essenial Health & Safety Tips For Your Workplace (Don’t Let Your Business Slip Up!)

There are plenty of things that can make your business slip up and fall away from success. None more so that an actual slip & fall incident, or any other problem that comes about from poor health and safety regulations. Whether you’re running a small company with three employees, or a big one with way more, you need to pay attention to health & safety. Why? There are multiple reasons

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4 Great Tips for Saving Your Business Money Online

Image Credit: Pixabay In any business cutting overheads is always a good thing. If you can reduce your costs at all, then it will mean an increase in profits. Whether you are a sole trader or run a larger company, these tips will help you to reduce your outgoings. Outsourcing Consider hiring freelancers instead of hiring in-house or doing it yourself. A freelancer will free up your own time so

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5 Building Blocks Of Business Success

Every year, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of businesses that breeze onto the scene and make themselves known. Unfortunately, only half of those businesses that emerge will be a success, while the other half fail. Business owners in such choppy waters need to have nerves of steel and a heart that is ready to deal with the blow if they get knocked back. Image Source It makes

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Around The World In 10 Business Tips

By now you will probably already be aware that lots of different countries have their very own business culture and etiquette. This means that they go about their business transaction in unique ways and have set up their own traditions and processes as a result. Have you ever wondered if you might be able to take a leaf out of a different country’s book, and use their best business tips

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How to save money on your food bill 

Although we all love eating, the cost of buying it all from the grocery store can ruin your appetite! Studies have shown that the average family in the US spends 10% of its annual income on the food bill, which is a massive amount. If you are looking for some great, easy ways to save money on your food buying then we can help. Take advantage of sale items One

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Why You Should Focus On The Process, Not The Finances!

Pixabay   One of the big worries about business is finances. This is going to be a constant, how to save money, how to streamline, what is expendable and what isn’t? These things can keep you up at night. But when it comes to saving money, we aren’t looking at the situation correctly. In fact, you shouldn’t think about saving money, because the correct business processes, if in place, will

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A Guaranteed Guide To Making Money From Your Artistic Pursuits

Everybody on the planet has the skills to be creative in one way or another. One person might be great at drawing, while another might absolutely love making furniture out of tree trunks. Different strokes for different folks! Some people love creating things so much that it’s all they ever want to do. When you feel like this, it only make sense to work on making money from your artistic

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Great Tips For Networking Newbies

Photo – Pixabay Networking is important for most people, no matter what line of work they are in. If you are self-employed, then getting to know people at networking events can help you land your next client, and it can also be an advantage for those who are in full-time employment as it gives you the chance to meet and discuss things with influencers in your industry. However, networking can

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