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Great Tips For Networking Newbies

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Networking is important for most people, no matter what line of work they are in. If you are self-employed, then getting to know people at networking events can help you land your next client, and it can also be an advantage for those who are in full-time employment as it gives you the chance to meet and discuss things with influencers in your industry. However, networking can be extremely daunting for those who have never attempted it before. Don’t worry, though; this blog post is here to help you! Here are some essential tips for networking newbies.

Get There In Good Time

You might be tempted to get to the networking event slightly late so that you can sneak in while everyone is milling about. But that’s not a good idea, as the business of the event could make you quite nervous. It’s much better to get there early while it is still quiet and there aren’t too many people there. People won’t have split off into groups just yet and you will find it easier to find someone to talk to.

Head For The Bar Or Buffet

The chances are that there will be some form of catering at the networking event and, if there is, then you should head straight for it. That’s not just because you will be able to get something from the buffet before it’s all gone – there’s actually a better reason to make a beeline for the catering. And that is because it’s easier to chat to people when they are stood around the bar or buffet. People find it a lot easier to strike up a conversation when they are stood drinking and eating.


Introduce Yourself First

Don’t get too caught up in all the business chat. It’s very important that you introduce yourself to everyone you talk to and tell them your name. That way, they will remember who you are at a later date. It’s also a good idea to wear a lanyard with a name tag. You can take a look at the Custom Lanyard home page to get one. It’s also important that you take plenty of business cards with you so that you can hand out these as well.


Remember To Listen

When you are talking to people, make sure that you don’t try and hog all the conversation. Sure, it’s important that you say what you have to say, especially if you are trying to sell your goods or services. But it’s also necessary that you take a step back from the conversation and listen to what others have to say as well. You never know what useful snippets of information you might find out from someone who you talk to. Plus, you might realize that their products or services could come in very handy for you and your business!

As you can see, going out into the big world of networking doesn’t have to be completely scary. There are ways you can ease yourself in gradually, and these tips should help you with that!