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Fighting To Stay Competitive In Logistics

If your business has been involved in logistics for a while, then you’re well aware of the enormous challenges that have faced this sector. The ups and downs are enough to send you into a spin. Still, the future looks promising for those businesses that are keeping up with the changes as they happen. And if you can keep ahead of the rest, then you might be doing quite well. Here are just some of the ways you can ensure you’re fighting strong to stay competitive over the next few years:



The future is online – we know that. This simply means there are more opportunities for couriers to pick up work. The trouble is that many of the big online stores are trying to reduce costs further and further. This means there may be more opportunity for small local firms to pick up a piece of the action. What does it mean for the national and regional companies? There may be a shift toward client work rather than running to domestic or non-commercial recipients.

Choose the right vehicle – image source


Smaller vehicles also need to be mindful of the shift toward electric. Diesel and petrol vehicles may be on their way out. Of course, with lower fuel bills, it might make your business far more viable. Taxation may take a while to catch up. And the shorter runs are better suited to this form of energy too. Will the shift toward automated vehicles prove problematic? It’s worth staying on top of research here. See if customers would be willing to walk beyond the end of their garden path to pick up a parcel.


Lorries & Trucks

With more and more local deliveries taking place, there will be a greater need for large transport options to deliver to regional and local depots. Truck companies might find it worth their while to increase their fleet or at least renew their vehicles. Options with financiers like could be one way to do this. Of course, non-regular routes might also be important for small to medium businesses. If you can provide a custom service at a competitive price, this might appeal to this market.

Empty roads good, empty trucks not good – image source


It’s not always easy to pick up little jobs. You’ve got to justify running a near-empty load. You might instead look to offering a more flexible delivery option. Security will be a factor here as you wait to pick up enough jobs to carry. Partnering or networking with truckers in other parts of the region might also offer you a better way of working. Ultimately, much of your business will be with just a small number of key clients. Keeping them is essential.


Transporting goods by road is never an easy challenge. However, it has become a popular line of work with many. Most orders and purchases are made online. Customers look for a streamlined and almost-automated service. Does this mean they would accept goods to be delivered by driverless vehicles? Only time will tell. Of course, in the meantime, the rush is on to pick up all these extra logistics jobs!