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How to save money on your food bill 

Although we all love eating, the cost of buying it all from the grocery store can ruin your appetite! Studies have shown that the average family in the US spends 10% of its annual income on the food bill, which is a massive amount. If you are looking for some great, easy ways to save money on your food buying then we can help.

Take advantage of sale items

One simple and effective way to slash your food spend is to keep an eye out for the items on sale during your weekly shop. Although having a list is essential, don’t get too set on having a certain brand or individual product. Within sale items, the other key tip is to make sure you stockpile when you buy them. In the long term, this will save you money rather than having to buy the same thing at the normal price the next week.


Another superb way many people use to save money when shopping is with money off coupons. These are available from many online sources or even through physical coupons that stores hand-out and can really cut down on what you are spending on food each week.

Use food immediately 

A common mistake that you can make with food is not using it in good time and it then going bad. This obviously dramatically increases your annual food bill as you will have to buy more food each time it happens to replace the gone-off produce. Keep an eye on use-by dates and make sure you plan properly to use food when it is still in good condition.

Prepare meals in bulk

Some people have been using this tip for a while and it is one you should also be following, if you’re not already. By preparing a proper meal plan for the week and making batches of meals in advance, you will minimise any potential waste while also making it easier to have a healthy meal without a lot of preparation after a long day at work.

Is the right equipment important?

For any job, you need the correct tools to do it well and cooking is no different. By purchasing the right cookware, you will be less tempted to spend money on takeaways and instead cook your own, fresh meals with what you have bought from the store.

There are lots of different pieces of equipment to help make meal preparation easier, such as slow cookers, blenders and even the humble microwave. One important aspect to consider within this is the pans you will use for making food. Picking up a quality cookware set will mean it lasts longer and will make a wider variety of dishes. A good way to start is with a copper cookware set that will look great in your kitchen and enhance your cooking.

Saving money on your food bill needn’t be difficult

The ability to save serious amounts of money annually on your grocery bill is something everyone has. It just needs to be utilized. You need to make a few simple adjustments to how you shop for and prepare food currently, and you will be able to see this for yourself. By doing this, you will save money to spend on more exciting things like holidays and hobbies.