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Around The World In 10 Business Tips

By now you will probably already be aware that lots of different countries have their very own business culture and etiquette. This means that they go about their business transaction in unique ways and have set up their own traditions and processes as a result.

Have you ever wondered if you might be able to take a leaf out of a different country’s book, and use their best business tips for your own company. Even if you are worried that their foreign business culture might not directly translate to your business, there are ways you will be able to tweak it and make it work for you. Ready to give it a go? Here are ten business tips from around the world that you might want to try out this week.


Germany: No Humor In Business Contexts

The Germans take their business very seriously, and this is something you should follow suit with. They try to keep humor out of all business situations and contexts and leave the jokes for their social life. This way, it’s easier to focus on the task at hand and get everything done in time for your deadline.

France: Apologize For A Lack Of Fluency

When the French need to visit international clients and aren’t able to speak their language, then they always make sure that they apologize for their lack of fluency. This is a polite gesture, and will certainly put you in the good books of anyone you meet with on your business travels. Once you have apologized, you can then use your translators and interpreters to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

India: Don’t Say No

In India, during any business discussions or meetings, they try not to say ‘no’ whenever possible. Rather than simply blocking ideas outright, they take their time to talk them through and see if there is any possible way they can accommodate them. So, next time you want to tell someone ‘no’ it’s a much better idea to try phrases like ‘we will see’ or ‘we can try’. You will find that these phrases often come with a lot more benefits!

New Zealand: Business Dinners Are Social

Lots of business people around the world enjoy carrying out meetings at meal times. It gives both parties the chance to sit down and take a break from all of their other responsibilities so that they can focus on their discussion. However, it’s also important that you remember eating together should be sociable. So, do what the Kiwis do. In New Zealand, they prefer to keep their business chat to lunches. However, if they meet a business partner or client for dinner, then business is always kept well away from the dining table.

The United States: Limit Gift-Giving

In most countries, business gifts are seen as the norm, but that isn’t the case in the United States. In actual fact, business gifts are limited in the States and only given out in very special occasions. This could be a very useful thing for you to pick up as well as it can help you cut down on your business expenses.

Spain: Don’t Be Rigid With A Meeting Agenda

The Spanish are known for being very relaxed people, and this also translates to their business culture. If you have ever been in a meeting with some Spaniards, you might already know that they are very relaxed when it comes to meeting agendas. Most of the time, Spaniards won’t be able to come to an agreement in just one meeting. But this can be a good thing as it will give you the chance to bounce various ideas off each other and you might come out of the meeting with some different goals achieved than what you had originally intended.

Denmark: Individual Achievement Shouldn’t Be Celebrated

The Danes aren’t known for being the most self-centered people, and this also comes across in their business culture. They don’t think that individual success should not be celebrated as this can take away from the achievements of the team as a whole. So, it’s much better to focus on the good that everyone can do when they work together.

Russia: Training Is Crucial

When was the last time you invested in some training for your employees? If it hasn’t been for a while, maybe it’s time to contact Unsecured Finance Australia for some financing for team training. In Russia, business people know that their employees are crucial to their business so are willing to spend a lot on training them so that they can do the best job possible.

China: Don’t Answer The Phone During Breaks

The Chinese work long hours so their free time is sacred to them. For this reason, they will turn off their phones and computer while they go on a break so that they don’t have to think about their work for an hour or so. It’s important that you do this as well while you aren’t sitting at your desk. Your lunch break is your own time for you to do whatever you want – make sure you don’t end up unwittingly working during your lunch hour.

India: Be Patient With Negotiations

Another tip to come straight out of India is that you should expect negotiations to take a while. This makes sense if you think about it – after all, you don’t want to rush your major decisions, so it is best to dwell on your choices. The only problem with this is that it could mean it takes you slightly longer to meet your goals and targets. Plus, it might mean that you spend more time in meetings trying to come to the best decision for you and your company.

As you can see, there are lots of tips and ideas from various countries around the world that can inspire you, your employees and your company. It’s always a good idea to try and translate these over into your business so that you can use all the best bits from business cultures around the world.