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A Guaranteed Guide To Making Money From Your Artistic Pursuits

Everybody on the planet has the skills to be creative in one way or another. One person might be great at drawing, while another might absolutely love making furniture out of tree trunks. Different strokes for different folks! Some people love creating things so much that it’s all they ever want to do. When you feel like this, it only make sense to work on making money from your artistic pursuits. This guaranteed guide will help you to start doing what you love and getting paid for it ASAP:



Figure Out How Your Talents Can Help Others

Take a look at your talents and then figure out how they can help others. Not how you can make money with them, but how you can use them to add value to the lives of other people. If you have a creative eye and love designing things on the computer, you could potentially design logos, banners, and more. If you love making jewelry, perhaps you could make jewelry with natural stones and materials specifically chosen for the meaning behind them – ‘healing jewelry’. There are so many things you could think of. Sit down and brainstorm for a while and see what calls to you the most!


You could even make projects specifically just for people to look at in a gallery. You don’t need a specific purpose to make something – creating just because is good for the soul, and something good could come of it anyway, almost like magic. You can easily find more information on different materials you can use to make your projects. Make sure you only ever do what’s right for you and don’t change something just because you think other people will like it more, as you’ll water down the impact it has. Your project is being created by you, so it must resonate with you.


Teach Classes Online

You don’t just have to make and sell your artistic projects to make money. You could even go as far as teaching classes online. You can create a course using sites like Skillshare and Udemy, and then every time they sell, you’ll make money. It’s best to be a hands on teacher and available to answer any questions, should students need it. Then you’ll get great feedback and more chance of selling more, as well as bringing those past students back when you create new courses.


You could even potentially hold a workshop, if you can find the right location and you’re willing to market it properly!


Build Up A Social Media Following

Building up a social media following will help you to gain more exposure. Follow artists like you and comment, to help build up a dialogue in the right community. You can then focus on building relationships with the right people and getting your name out there in a positive way. Don’t just advertise your works to sell them. Post pictures of the creative process and behind the scenes footage to gain people’s interest. People will want to follow you and see your content because it’s attractive, interesting, and informative. They won’t follow you if you’re simply trying to sell what you’ve made.


Start A Professional Website

Building a professional website is pretty simple, and in some cases you can even do it for free. Paying a little for a great domain name will look more professional and add more value though, so bear that in mind. You can build your website yourself if you like, or if you’re committed to looking professional and gaining as many clients this way as possible, hire somebody to create it for you. Make sure it suits you and your brand of creativity as much as possible. Look through portfolios to ensure it’s going to look great, and don’t forget to hunt for someone who can take care of all aspects of building your website – including setting it up to show up in the search engines.


Every business has a website these days, and you should be no different. Make sure it’s responsive too, so that it can be viewed on mobile devices such as tablets and phones. People browse more on these devices than on their desktops. If you’re going to make a living with your artistic pursuits, you need to be prepared to market them this way.  


Sign Up To Websites Where You Can Find Clients

Sometimes, signing up to website where you and clients can easily find each other is the best route to take. Sites like Fiverr can be used to advertise pretty much anything. If you’re great at drawing cartoons, advertise it. If you love making beads, advertise it. This can be a simple way to get started.



Continue With A Job On The Side

Most people don’t have the savings or confidence to walk out of their job to do what they love full time. That’s fine, and it’s actually pretty sensible. While you have a regular job, work on saving up so you have some money behind you, just incase. If you can work part time and spend the rest of your time on your creative career, that’s even better. If you put too much pressure on yourself to earn a living from your artistic pursuits, you’ll likely lose momentum and excitement and you won’t want to do them as much!


Don’t Do Anything Purely For Money

You should never do anything purely for money, as people will be able to see right through it. Make things because you enjoy it, and you know it will bring value to people, and money will come naturally. Making something purely with money in mind won’t get you very far.


If you want it enough, you can start making money from your artistic pursuits almost right away. Make sure you’re always working on improving and honing your craft for the best results. Also remember, customer service is everything – even in a creative industry. Keep a positive mindset, refuse to give up, and you’ll end up where you want to be.