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Five Reasons River Cruises are a Great Holiday Option

Going on holiday can be extremely exciting, but it can be confusing as well, especially since there are so many options you can choose from! River cruises may just be your next option, and there are many reasons why they can make for absolutely wonderful holidays. Here are the top 5 reasons that you should consider a relaxing river cruise for this year’s holiday: They Are More Affordable Yes, you read

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Top Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Travel Insurance

If you find yourself planning an adventure, one of the first things you’ll ask yourself, after where you’re going and what flights you’re going to take, is which insurance company to go with. In this day and age travel insurance is not optional: it is absolutely necessary. Traveling changes lives and it opens the doors to a world full of miracles and beauties. But before you even pack your bags,

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Top Apps to Help You Budget Your Trip on the Go

At the age when everything is done online and in the minimum time required, somewhere on the way home, between work and some relaxing time with the family, we have learned to do everything on the go. From ordering the groceries to be delivered to our door, to shopping online for books and audio self-improvement guides, learning languages and jotting down important thoughts and creating comprehensive ‘To-Do’ lists, we can

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“I’m afraid to…” – ways of ensuring a great travelling experience

Although the world is now much more open and many places are within our reach – either by plane or train, or even by boat, there are so many unknown things that still, even today, scare us. Will my travelling be alright? What is the level of crime in this place? Can I walk to my hotel at night by myself? These and more questions need to be addressed prior

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Top Travel Tips for Saving Money

Traveling is one of the most fun things you can do – it’s a great way to see more of the world, learn more about yourself and of course meet a lot of people. However, many people struggle with saving enough money for their dream trips and understandably so. Here are some top travel tips for saving money that will help you travel cheaper and longer:

Fly and Save – Tips for Finding a Cheap Flight

In order to travel over land and sea, we have to fly. This is just a fact of life, well, unless you fancy getting on a boat and travelling over the high seas for days on end, which I don’t think many people would be too keen to do. Because of this logistical fact, flying costs can be high if you need to travel during peak times, such as school

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Travelling – solo or in a group?

While travelling with your partner, family or friends may be the ideal option, sometimes there are circumstances, and life itself, that gets in the way. There are obligations and responsibilities, work and kids, and though these may seem like excuses to some who crave travelling and exploring the world, driven by wanderlust, to others – these are real deal breakers. Another big issue may be available finances, but then again,

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