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Maintaining a Healthy Relationship When One Person Works Away

Many couples face a life where one works away much of the time. This can mean working long hours and being gone most of the day or spending long periods of time traveling for business. Either can be tough. Especially if you are used to spending a lot of your time together and have young children. The partner that’s left at home can feel very alone, and like they have to deal with stresses on their own. Even if their partner spends every night at home, if they really just come back to sleep it can feel like they might as well be gone. The partner that’s on the road can feel guilty and confused while they are trying to do their best for their families.

Many relationships struggle with so much time apart. But, you don’t have to. It’s perfectly possible to maintain a healthy relationship, despite the circumstances.


One of the biggest problems couples have is that they worry about what the other thinks, so limit their communication. The partner left at home doesn’t mention how difficult they find it because they don’t want to make their other half feel guilty. The partner on the road might not mention happy times they’ve had, as they don’t want to seem like they enjoy being away.

Honest communication and understanding is the key to making your relationship work through regular separation. Be honest with each other when you speak. Have real conversations, digging deep and sharing as much as you can. Just as you would at home.

Support Them

If you spend your time at home, do what you can to make your partner’s days easier. If they are away, this can be difficult, but there are still things that you can do. If they are in an accident, research for them. Help them to find hotels or restaurants and generally try to be as big a part of their trips as you can. Run any home errands they need doing and work through their post.

But, when they are home, don’t feel like you have to keep doing everything. Ask for help around the house and let them know if there is anything that you need them to do.

Video Chat

Video chat has made being apart much easier. If it’s not something that you’ve ever done before it can be awkward at first. But, speak normally, make each other laugh and use video chat regularly, and you’ll soon get used to it.

Do Things Together

When we’re at home, we often spend a lot of our time with our partner sat on the sofa watching TV. You can still do this together when you are apart. Find a show on that you both want to watch and plan to view episodes at the same times or as close as you can if there is a time difference. Or, try playing online games together. This gives you something in common and something to talk about away from work and the mundane details of life.